Checking the disk for errors: Ways and Recommendations


While Windows is running on the hard diskThere is a constant exchange of files, they are copied, deleted, duplicated. All this leads to a slowdown of the entire operating system. This is a fairly common problem that affects absolutely all computer users. And on how actively you use the system, the speed of problems arises. To solve this complex issue and fix errors on the disk, Windows developers built a special utility into the system. But we will talk about how the disk is checked for errors correctly in the framework of this article.

disk check for errors
So, you have the first signsinadequate operation of the computer, there are various kinds of errors when deleting folders, files or programs? These are the first signs that the file system is messy and you need to check HDD for errors. The reasons, as noted above, are the active use of the computer. But the proper use of the operating system usually does not lead to fatal errors. To do this, you need to try, and help you in this may be interruptions of electricity (incorrect shutdown Windows). That is, when running the operating system, it constantly keeps various logs, etc., actively uses the hard disk, but when the power fails and the computer turns off in an incorrect way, other files remain on the disk. This leads to a clogging of the file system, and subsequently to unstable work. After such cases of power outages, a disk check for errors is required.

hdd check for errors
In addition, the hard drive requires a carefulrelations. Do not shake it sharply, especially when working. All these manipulations inevitably lead to the formation of broken sectors. Also, the hard disk can not be disassembled at home, getting dust and foreign objects simply "kill" it.

For testing by standard meansWindows, you need to select the desired local disk and go into its properties. On the "Tools" tab, select the check, and then the required utility will start. For the usual verification of sectors, without their correction, it is necessary to remove both suggested ticks. It should be understood that the disk is checked for errors after rebooting the computer, this refers to the disks on which the operating system is installed. Windows can not directly access the files in use.

hard drive recovery
In some cases, it may be necessaryrecovery hard drive. This is recommended by third-party software. It is more adapted to complex situations with sectors. Although for an ordinary PC user, there will be enough built-in utility, which we discussed above. But for this you need to mark the relevant items in it. Selecting both checkboxes, you will fix errors on logical disks, of a system character, and also the utility will try to restore the broken sectors of the physical disk. In cases where it is not possible to restore sectors, the utility will do so that Windows will not use them in its work.

Checking the disk for errors is a fairly simple procedure, requiring the user to have minimal PC knowledge.

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