Install applications on Android. Key points


The user who first contactedthe operating system promoted by Google, the question naturally arises as to how the application is installed on Android. This is due to the fact that this shell program has its own characteristic features of algorithms, which must be understood and taken into account. But this is by no means an excuse for unrest, since the procedure for installing new applications, provided that you know about the key moments beforehand, is quick and easy.

installing applications on android

It should be noted that the simplest installationAndroid applications, especially for novice users, occurs through the "Market" program, which is standard for all versions of the OS from Google. This "store" contains a large selection of both paid and free programs. In it you can see the description of the selected program, view its screenshots and, if desired, it is easy to install. To do this, just select the appropriate option. The process of downloading and installing the application you like is automatic.

installing android applications
If you install the application on Androidnot from "Market", it is very important to consider one key moment. The success of the operation depends on whether the system includes permission to install products from third-party manufacturers. In order to check this item, you need to open the "Applications" section located in the device settings. Next, you need to find and check the "Unknown sources" parameter, where there should be a mark that allows installing programs that are not logged in from the "Market".

So, having checked that the system is ready to install the necessary program, you should get additional software, which will become a faithful assistant when carrying out similar procedures in the future.

installing the application on android
The most simple step is to download and installApps Installer, created and distributed by the developers of the operating system is absolutely free. Installing applications on Android when using this program is very simple, because it scans memory and finds all the files ".apk" (this name is the executable files in the Android environment). After the list of application-ready applications is generated, the user can only select the required one and confirm his actions. In a few seconds you can use the program you like.

To install applications on Androidpassed easily, you can also use any convenient file manager, which besides this function will also help with other operations performed with files in the system. Choosing the right manager for documents is complicated by a large number of worthy candidates, however, after spending a little time, the user will easily choose the program suitable for him, based on his tastes and preferences.

Installing applications on Android can beimplemented and less popular way - through the built-in browser. In this case, you must write the path to the executable file in the address bar. This method is reliable, but it does not differ either in simplicity or in convenience, so it is not very suitable for novice users.

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