How to insert text in the picture and vice versa


The image can, of course, be expressed oremphasize your thoughts, convey information, moods or wishes, but you can not do without comments, and here, as it happens not so rarely, it turns out that we do not know how to insert text into the picture.

Such a problem can arise for those PC users who have not looked in the "Standard" folder for a long time in the "Start" menu, where from time immemorial lies the legendary graphic editor Microsoft Paint, included in all Windows. Paint interfaces differ slightly in different versions, but insert text into the image is equally simple in any of them.

We sign the picture in Paint

For example, in Paint 6.1 you need to click on the top left of the blue button with a light triangle, then click on the folder icon with the inscription "Open" (Ctrl + O) and select your picture. The file selection window can also be accessed by clicking on the "Paste" icon at once under the blue button in the upper left corner and selecting "Paste From". Even faster, you can open the file by clicking on the top (above the menu bar) daddy with a blue arrow, but the traditional Ctrl + V (or the "Paste" button) on the speed outside the competition if the image is copied in advance (Ctrl + C) to the clipboard.

Now we move the view up to the menu bar and find the group of icons "Tools", where it is universal for many graphic editors the "A" icon makes it clear who is in charge of the inscriptions and how to insert the text in the picture.

as in the picture paste text

Click on the icon, then on the picture in anyplace. Why in any? Because the click frame for entering text with an impatiently flashing cursor can not only stretch the corners, but also move around the image when the cursor is "baptized" at the intersection with the outline of the frame. Looking up again, we'll see that the "Text" tab has been opened in the menu, and the color palette has rolled up to her right. It remains to select the parameters, enter the text and click somewhere on the side.

The Start menu in the Microsoft Office folder has moreone regular program in which such task, as in the picture insert text, is included in the number of "direct duties". This is the most popular PowerPoint application for creating presentations.

Paste text into picture in PowerPoint

Open the program, go to the tab"Insert", click on the picture icon "Picture", select the image and click "Open". Next, in the "Insert" menu, we click on the "Inscription" button (leaflet with the letter "A"), then on the drawing, after which we go to the "Home" page with the cursor blinking in the frame, where we enter the text by selecting the parameters. And if you click the WordArt button (with the oblique letter "A") in the Insert menu, you can select a decorative font for the text, made in one of 30 predefined styles. Selecting the style by clicking on the letter, we will go to the "Format" page, where, by typing the text, we can "get up" with the inscription everything you want, using the numerous functions of the font and background artwork.

insert picture in message text

The inscription on the picture in "Photoshop"

Happy owners of "Photoshop" suchThe elementary task, like inserting text in a picture, will take no more than a minute. After opening the editor, you can open the file selection window and get the picture, even without going to the "File"> "Open" menu, if you double-click on an empty workspace. Then turn on the "Text" tool (T), click on the image and, adjusting the parameters in the panel at the top, enter the text, then dropping to it the full power of the editor's tools arsenal.

How to insert an inscription in the picture in

By the way, in "Photoshop" you can insert text into the image online, using, of course, the corresponding version of the program.

Insert text into the picture online

If you are already on the online editor page"Photoshop", here in the "File" menu you need to "Open image" (Open image), then, selecting the "Type" icon on the toolbar, click on the picture, putting the cursor at the top of the inscription. In the opened window, having defined with parameters, we enter the text and we press "Yes" (OK).

insert text into image online

All that concerns the illustrations to the text, in fullit is solved in Microsoft Word, so if you want to insert a picture in the text of the letter, open the "Insert" tab, click on the "Picture" icon (familiar?), select the image and command: "Paste".

The picture will do the same, that is, it will "rise" forflashing cursor on a new line, and we will be on the "Format" tab with a lot of quality parameters and styles of drawing, including position on the page and text wrap.

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