How to disable Windows 7 startup and where?


One of the reasons for the slow operation of the OS areprograms that are present in the autorun. As a rule, not all of them are necessary for the correct operation of Windows, so some can be removed, which will improve the computer's performance, it will become faster to boot and respond to your commands.

how to disable startup programs windows 7

About how to disable startup programsWindows 7, you will learn further. However, remember that there are utility applications, deactivation of which can lead to malfunctions in the operating system. By clearing the list of automatically enabled programs, you will notice that it will take significantly less time to boot the OS.

Why remove programs from startup?

Many applications that are in the "Startup"affect the speed of loading the operating system. You probably noticed that a computer that was purchased relatively recently, after a few months, starts not so quickly to boot up, and during work it also "slows down".

disable startup programs in windows 7

After installing various applications, they areYour permission itself is added to the "Autorun". That's why you need to disable startup programs in Windows 7, which you rarely use, or you do not need them at all. In the process of working, all these applications use computer resources, for example, memory, which affects its speed.

Of course, not all the programs in the "Auto Launch" needdelete, as some of them are really needed, but there are some that must necessarily be loaded with the OS. Therefore, before you clean the "Startup" list, make sure that you do not disconnect something important.

Why are applications added to "Startup"?

As already mentioned above, many programsare added to Autorun on their own. For example, you download an application, and you are offered one more load, which without your permission is placed in the "Autostart". It's one thing when it really is the right program, for example, to monitor the video adapter. But if you do not need the application, you need to know how to disable the startup programs in Windows 7.

Often in the "Autostart" users addprograms that are most often needed. For example, if you constantly need to be in Skype, you can include it in the startup list. But there are also mandatory applications, such as an antivirus or firewall (firewall).

If you are not satisfied with the speed of starting the operating system, regular "brakes", and you can not find where to disable the startup programs in Windows 7, then read about this further.

How to disable autorun programs

So, you decided to get rid of someapplications in the "Startup", but do not know how to do it. In fact, everything is very simple. To see what programs you have there, go to the "Start" menu, open "All Programs" and find the corresponding section, which is called - "Startup". Clicking on it, you will open a list of all applications that are in the "Startup".

If you want to remove the program from the"Startup", then you can do it using the command line. Call it by pressing the "WIN + R" buttons, and then enter the "msconfig" command there. Click "Enter", the "System Configuration" opens, where you need to enter the "Startup" section.

disable startup programs windows 7

Now you can disconnectstart Windows 7 programs. Uncheck the boxes that are installed near applications that you do not use. By the way, if you do not need them, then delete them through the "Programs and components".

How to disable startup of Windows 7 programs using Autoruns and CCleaner

You can not remember which keys you needclick to call the command line. Or, perhaps you want to open the list of "Autorun" programs in just a few clicks. Then you can install one of the free applications on your computer to do this.

where to disable startup programs in windows 7

The first program is called Autoruns. Download it is recommended from the official site. At the moment there is only the English version, but it's not worth it, because the interface is designed in such a way that even a novice user can understand it.

how to disable startup programs in windows 7

Another popular application is CCleaner. You can also download it from the official website. In order to disable startup programs in Windows 7, you will need to start CCleaner and go to the "Tools" section. Now select "Startup" and once click on the application that you want to remove from "Auto Start". On the right there are the corresponding buttons.

Helpful Tips

Before you delete something or, alternatively, add it to the "Startup", you need to familiarize yourself with a few tips from experienced users:

  • It is not recommended to remove the anti-virus program from the "Autorun", as after boot up the OS, you can forget to turn it on, and, therefore, there will be a threat of virus penetration.
  • If you do not know if you can disable a program, then look for information about it on the Internet, and then make a decision, because some applications are official.
  • In addition to cleaning the "Startup" of unnecessary programs, it is recommended to dictate some services that can be found on the same tab in the "System Configuration" window.
  • When you learn how to disable Windows 7 startup, do this with all unnecessary applications to ensure minimum system load during startup.


As you can see, it's easy to open"Autoload" and remove from there all the "garbage". You only need to remember one key combination and the command "msconfig". After doing these actions, you will notice that the next time your computer will boot much faster, especially if there was a large number of applications in Autorun.

disable startup windows 7

Often users, after downloading a movie from the torrent,forget to close the client himself and remain on the distribution. As a result, Internet pages open much more slowly. However, if you remove this application from Autorun, the problem will be solved. That is, when you need to download something, then manually start the client, and also close it.

So now you know how to disableStartup programs Windows 7. It is recommended to regularly check what you have there. By the way, some applications themselves ask whether to add them to the "Startup" or not.

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