Xlsx format file: what to open?


On the Internet, we often download various filesor we receive the information by mail, and after seeing the xlsx format document, we do not know what to open it. Let's try to understand first what the file is. Xlsx is the format of a document that contains spreadsheets created in Excel 2007.

Prior to the release of the office suite MO 2007 tables inExcel program was saved in xls format. And the new software has improved methods for formatting, editing documents and storing information. The basis for new document formats was Office Open XML. New formats, such as xlsx, docx, pptx, replaced the obsolete binary formats that were used before the advent of MO 2003. New formats made it possible to increase the security and productivity of the software product. With the release of new software, these formats are used by default.

With the emergence of new formats for usersPrevious versions of the program began to raise questions, how to open the xlsx file? Spreadsheets are mainly used in offices by analysts, accountants, directors of different levels, marketers, unlike Word text documents, which are widely distributed on home computers. Word files are used not only for work, but also for studying, writing letters, maintaining a personal diary and so on, so with a new format docx there are fewer difficulties. The emergence of a new format xlsx, which is not known by many, has caused many problems in the work of companies. Sending documents to business partners, you can not always be sure that they have MO computers installed on their computers. Not everyone can afford to buy a new package, but they do not want to use the pirated version. In addition, learning to work with new programs will take a long time. Can I open xlsx without installing MO 2007? We will try to answer this question.

How to open xlsx

Although Microsoft is not too willing to distributethe possibility of solving this problem without the installation of MO 2007, still some opportunities have emerged. You can open files of new formats without installing expensive software. Moreover, for a home computer, Office does not need it permanently, and for a small company, buying a licensed version on several computers can be overwhelming. What to do? First of all, you can download the converter if you have Office 2003 installed on your computer.

To open the xlsx file you need to downloadconverter, which can also be used to open files of new formats pptx and docx. We close all currently running programs, so that the installation does not interfere. Accept the license agreement and wait until the system installs the program on your computer. After the installed converter is ready to work, seeing xlsx file, than you will already know it. Now you can work with the new format in Excel 2003.

Alternative solutions

If you can not install the converter,there are two more ways. First, with the help of a search engine, you can find an on-line converter that will allow you to save the source file in the old xls format. And you can easily open it in Excel 2003. Secondly, you can ask the creator of the document to save the information in the old format and send it to you again. To save a document in xls format, you need to open it, click on the round button "Office", which is located in the upper left corner, or select the "File" item (depending on the year of release of the package). In the menu that appears, select the "Save as" line and save as "Excel 97-2003". Click on "Save". The file will remain in the old xls format. And with it you can work in a previous version of Microsoft Office.

Now, if you get an xlsx format file, thanopen it you already know. But still, try to update the software on your computer, since working with the new Office has become even easier and more enjoyable.

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