How to remove the second operating system?


In those cases, when on one computerinstalled two operating systems, you may need to remove one of them. It is very important to do this correctly, while avoiding the loss of important information and not violating the working capacity of the system that will remain. That's why many are so worried about the problem of how to remove the second operating system? For this, as for everything else, there is also a special instruction.

How to uninstall the second operating system: procedure

Traditionally different operating systemsare installed on different partitions of the hard drive, and therefore it is sufficient to format the corresponding partition for deletion. For these tasks, you can use both the standard features of the system itself, and special software designed to work with disk partitions - Acronis Disc Director and the like. Before doing this, you should copy important information that you might need, on removable media or in another section of the disk. Now you can right click on the manipulator by clicking on the computer's shortcut, where you select "Disk Management". After selecting the disk of interest, you must click the Format button, which appears in the context menu of the section. All the information that was saved in this section will be deleted, including the operating system itself. You may be troubled by how to remove the second operating system, if Windows gives an error when trying to format using standard tools? Here you can help third-party software, capable of formatting disks, without using a standard system environment. You can install one of these applications, then use it. After selecting the logical drive and the formatting command, the computer will restart. Formatting the selected partition will be done during the reboot, which will remove all data, including the operating system itself. So you will clean the hard drive from unnecessary information.

How can I remove the second operating system from my computer?

Sometimes it happens that on one computerinstalled a number of operating systems immediately. This is due to the fact that the user, by inexperience, can put one more system on top of one system. Sometimes three systems can be installed on the hard disk simultaneously. If one system is sufficient, you can get rid of the others. To do this, in addition to the computer, you also need a boot disk on which the operating system is located. Let's talk about how to remove the second operating system.

The most logical and simple way to get rid ofunnecessary operating systems is the formatting of the logical drive before it is installed on a new one. However, to begin with, you must keep all important information. If you decide to install Windows 7 after uninstallation, then it's worthwhile to take certain steps. Insert the disk and restart the computer. When it starts to boot, press F5 or F8. Here you will choose how to boot the system. After the disk is spinning, you can press any key, a menu will appear. You should select the system drive and format it, which will remove all versions of the system. When using the boot disk OS Windows XP, everything differs only in the appearance of the menu, but there is no difference in functionality. The same can be said about the question of how to remove the second operating system of Windows 7. It does not matter which version of OS was installed earlier, the formatting procedure allows you to get rid of it.

As you can see, getting rid of unnecessary system is quiteHowever, this assumes formatting, and hence copying of important information to another medium. While this procedure may seem inconvenient, we can say that the efficiency of work after it will significantly increase.

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