As in "Classmates" change the name and surname: we edit the questionnaire


Today we will consider with you, as in"Classmates" change the name and surname. This is a very important point, which especially concerns the female half of society. Such a need, as a rule, arises after marriage. But what if you do not know how to do this? Then we will deal with you in this difficult matter.

as in classmates change the name and surname


Before you change the name in "Classmates" andsurname, you need to find out some pretty important points about this venture. For example, what restrictions exist when creating and editing personal data. After all, this can not be avoided.

To begin with, users do not have the rightto enter into their names and surnames a variety of extraneous symbols and punctuation marks. That is, no exclamation marks, "krakozyabr" and so on. After you have learned this lesson, you can proceed to the next.

Name and surname for "Classmates" shouldreflect real data. The administration of the site insists on this point. Especially it is relevant when you are hacked. To restore access, you will have to provide a scan of your passport. And what if you did not specify your data? Naturally, in this situation no one will return your profile. So be prepared for the fact that you will have to enter the relevant information. But now let's see how to change the name and surname in Odnoklassniki.

how to change the name and surname


Well, we need to get down to business. The first thing that can only be required from the user is the availability of a working account. You need to go to the social network, and then log in there. Otherwise, you can forget about the idea.

After you go to your profile, you canstart thinking about how to change the name in "Odnoklassniki". In fact, if you follow all the rules, this process will not take you much time.

Go to your profile, and then click on"Basic information." Then, on the right side of the line, click on "More ...", and then select "About Me" from the drop-down list. Before you open a small window in which you can begin to make changes. However, we will talk about them later. Now we'll see how to change the name and surname in "Odnoklassniki". In fact, we need to do just a few simple steps.


So, we were with you in the section "About me". If you are puzzled by our topic today, then you will have to look carefully at the window that opens. In it you can find the line "Personal data". Opposite it there is an inscription "Edit". Click on it once, and you will get to the service we need right now.

name and surname for classmates

Now you will see a small window inwhich can be changed. Here you can edit the date of birth and your initials. How to change the name and surname in "Odnoklassniki"? To do this, you need to fill in the appropriate fields in this section. Make corrections, and then save the data. If you do not do this, then there will be no effect. Everything will remain as it is. In principle, that's all. Now you know how to change the name and surname in this social network. As you can see, there is nothing complicated.

And what about the questionnaire?

Now let's go back to you with one moreimportant moment of any questionnaire. This is nothing more than editing information about yourself. The fact is that in order to make amendments, you will have to log in and then go back to your profile.

As in the case of changing the name and surname,go to "Basic" and then "More ...". Then click on "About Me" in the list. Before you pop a window in which you can now fill the fields. Scroll through the page to the end, then select the categories you want, modify (or fill in), and then save. That's all. So easily and easily you can edit your data.

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