Beautiful statuses about love with meaning. Statuses in the VC about the love of a guy


Love is a light and pure energy thatfills all life on earth. The way in which it affects a person's life is of interest to both scientists and ordinary people. The statuses on the page in the social network will help share your feelings with others. Sometimes experiences are full of contradictions, sometimes clear and unambiguous. There are many phrases with which you can convey your feelings to others.

beautiful statuses about love with meaning

Wish good for others

Beautiful statuses about love with meaning are of interestnot only young ladies of adolescence. After all, as you know, all ages are submissive to this feeling. One of the most original statuses reads: "Tomorrow, one who reads this status will meet his love." When a person wishes other people all the best and clean, the higher forces-the universe or God, each call it differently-always respond to his inner motivations. Those who radiate good into the world around them will always receive it in the future. Wishing to meet our love to absolutely unfamiliar people - after all, we do not know who will read our profile in a social network - a person can thereby attract the energy of love and into his life.

short statuses about love

Love and its substitution

And here is another beautiful status about love withmeaning: "Love is one. But there are thousands of fakes for it. " Unfortunately, this is a bitter truth about the modern life and place of love in our world. Sometimes true love is replaced by dependence. Most often in such a problematic relationship, women enter, because it is the weaker sex who is more in need of approval, affection and attention. But sometimes men enter into dependent relationships. This type of feeling has little to do with light and pure love. The main indicator, signaling that there is little real love in the relationship, is the lack of development of partners. Thanks to pure feeling, a person always becomes higher, he has new goals and inspiration.

statuses in VK about the love of the guy

Happy hours are not being watched ...

Beautiful statuses about love with meaning helpconsider this feeling in more detail, understand the features of the condition of the person who is experiencing it. After all, scientists have already determined that a man in love has a hormonal background, he behaves differently. This can be seen without special studies: light feelings always make people kinder and more tolerant. There are many beautiful statuses about love with meaning, describing this state. For example, this: "For love does not exist yesterday, love does not think about tomorrow." Indeed, time always flies by unnoticed when a person is keen on something. In a state of love, all his thoughts are absorbed by the object of sighing. That is why in the presence of loved ones there is only the present moment.

statuses about love with meaning to tears

Love and hate

Sometimes beautiful statuses about love with meaningdescribe the real relationship better than any psychological theory: "From love to hate, one step ... Left." Of course, this status is ironic, but there is a fair amount of truth in it. After all, sometimes the relationship comes to a standstill. A person does not know how best to do it - to leave or stay with the current partner. He does not have his own feelings to get out of the relationship. But, on the other hand, the partner behaves in such a way that love begins to bring only pain. In such a case, no matter how condemned the betrayal of society, it can be of use.

Light feelings against depression

And here is another beautiful status about love withmeaning: "If you fall in the spirit, then in the appropriate embrace." Everyone knows that light experiences cure spiritual wounds, have a beneficial effect on a person's psychological state. Scientists have found a special structure in the brain of a person who is responsible for love. During depression, the activity of this zone decreases. From the point of view of psychology, love is an excellent cure for depressive disorders.

Bring your feelings

There are times in life when there isThe need to express your emotions with the help of a social network. A great way to do this is to use the statuses in VC about the love of a guy. For example, this: "Let them lie between us for miles and years, my love with you, my darling, forever." After reading this status, the young man will be even more convinced of the true feelings of the girl. You can also use a shorter phrase: "When we are together, I envy myself."

Statuses in the VC about the love of a guy from this articlewill help any girl express her feelings, not reminding her young man about them directly. After all, as is known, many guys do not like unnecessary talk about love. They try to prove their feelings by deed, and mistakenly believe that girls should behave the same way, stopping any attempts of the young lady to explain herself in her feelings. In this situation, beautiful statuses about happiness and love - a real find. Its state can be described, for example, as follows: "Next to you I forget to breathe ...".

beautiful status about happiness and love

Unrequited love

But feelings do not always bring happiness. Unrequited love is an experience that finds a response in the heart of another. Despite all her tragedy, she has exactly the same right to exist, as well as other types of relationships. In this case, useful statuses about love with meaning to tears:

  • He does not love me, he ruins my soul. My heart is torn to pieces, because my beloved and I are not close.
  • They told me: Run, he does not deserve you. But I ran to you.
  • It is unbearably painful when a person who considers you to be the center of the world forgets about you.

How about loving yourself?

Psychologists say that the main reasonunhappy love is the lack of the ability to take care of yourself. As a result, a person changes this skill to excess feelings for another. A common misconception is that one can become happy only if there is a certain person nearby. No man can satisfy all the needs of women, including emotional ones.

The same applies to the stronger sex. Every person - no matter what sex he belongs to - must first of all learn how to love himself, listen to his needs and satisfy them. Those who in their lives put themselves at the center of their position can safely use the following status: "Start a romance with yourself. This type of relationship is the most reliable for a woman! "Sad messages in a social network, perhaps, will be read by the person to whom they are addressed. But will this change the situation? Often, in order to learn to love for real, you need a long work with a competent psychologist.

Short statuses about love

Sometimes you do not need a lot of words to say about love. After all, when a person climbs out of the skin to prove something, confidence in him, on the contrary, becomes less. That's why many girls prefer short statuses about love. Let's consider some examples of such phrases:

  • Without you my life is like waiting room.
  • Love is all.
  • You are near, the rest will follow!
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