Details on how to put the castle in Odnoklassniki


Today we will talk about how to put the castle in"Classmates." To begin with, we note that this is one of the most popular social networks in Russia. According to the project administration, more than 10 million users visit it per day. In this case, not all are satisfied with the fact that a personal profile with comments and photos can be viewed by strangers. To avoid this, you can put a lock on your page or make it closed using special settings.

Paid option

how to put the castle in classmates
In order to understand how to put the castle in"Classmates", it should be remembered that all accounts in this social network are open by default. Unfortunately, only a special paid service allows you to close your profile. First, we enter the site of the social network we are discussing and enter the username and password in the corresponding boxes. Recall that the first of the items should indicate the email used when registering in the project. After the authorization is completed successfully, proceed to the next step.

close profile

We continue to decide how to put the castle in"Classmates", and open the menu under the main photo at the upper corner on the left. There is a button called "Close profile". With its help you can hang the lock on the page. As we have already noted, this is a paid service, and to activate it in the project "Odnoklassniki", the network will ask to replenish the account.


classmates network
It is most profitable to perform this operation whenbank card assistance. To this end, we enter the number in the required box, and also specify three figures that are on the reverse side near the signature. A few minutes later, the specified amount will be debited from the main account, in turn, the service is activated. In addition, it is easy to pay for the "Closed profile" option in the "Odnoklassniki" network through payment terminals. For this purpose we find an icon with a project logo on the screen of the device. We click on "Top up account", we indicate in the appeared window the number of your mobile phone, soon it will receive a special code, we will contribute funds. When SMS is received with the code, we enter it on the social network resource, going to the function "Close profile", which is on the personal page. As soon as the funds are debited from the account, the necessary service will be paid for, and access to the profile is limited.

So we figured out how to put the castle in "Classmates" and what is needed for this.

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