Structure of the information system, subsystems


The structure of the information system is presenteda collection of its individual parts, which are called subsystems. The latter are functional and providing. The functional part consists of a number of subsystems that solve specific problems of planning, control, analysis, accounting and management of the activities of objects. To ensure the normal operation of the main part of the information system in its composition, there must be a supporting subsystem.

The general structure of the information system is a complex of subsystems, the purpose of which can be different. So, providing are:

  • information;
  • technical;
  • mathematical and software;
  • organizational;
  • legal.

Information support subsystem

The IO subsystem is a unified classification systemand coding information, a unified documentation system, a flow of information flows that circulate in the organization and methodology of organizing databases.

The structure of the information system provides this element to ensure the timely formation and issuance of reliable information for management decisions.

In order to correctly organize information support, you need the following:

- clearly represent the goals, tasks, functions performed by the entire information system;

- accurately determine the movement of information and present it in the form of a flow of information flows;

- to improve the process of document circulation;

- use the current system of classification and coding;

- Possess the methodology of creating information-logical communication models;

- create arrays of information on data carriers.

Subsystem of technical support

Technical support is a set of technical means to ensure the operability of the information system and documentation on them.

Technical means are represented by computersany models; devices for collecting, accumulating information, as well as its processing, transmission and organization of output; data transmission devices; office equipment and automatic reading devices; operational materials, etc.

The subsystem of mathematical and software of IS

The structure of the information system provides forthe presence of a subsystem of mathematical and software, which is a set of mathematical methods, algorithms and programs for the fulfillment of goals and tasks of functioning.

Means of mathematical support include tools for modeling managerial processes, mathematical programming, etc.

Software is developed software products with technical documentation to them.

Organizational support

This subsystem is a collection of methods andmeans aimed at regulating the use of technical means and interaction of workers among themselves during the development and industrial operation of IP.

The functions of the subsystem are the analysiscurrent type of management and identification of tasks requiring automation; setting tasks to be performed on a computer, justifying their effectiveness; development of managerial decisions to the structure of the organization, methodologies for solving tasks that increase the effectiveness of the management system.

Subsystem of legal support

It is a legal norm,Determining the creation of an information system, its legal status. The main task of legal support is to strengthen the legality of the system, so it is made up of laws, decrees, instructions, regulations, etc.

The architecture of the information system is defined by a concept that defines the model, structure, functions and interrelationships of components.

The concept of "information system" includes one about traditional architectures. It is file-server, client-server, transitional to three-layer and three-layer architecture.

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