KERNEL DATA INPAGE ERROR crashes on Windows 8: Causes and correction technique


Need I say that the appearance of the so-calledscreen BSoD in any system is a bad sign? Consider one of the most common failures when the KERNEL DATA INPAGE ERROR line on Windows 8 is displayed in the description. In addition to the reasons for its occurrence, several basic methods for troubleshooting will be provided.

Blue screen with KERNEL DATA INPAGE ERROR error on Windows 8: possible causes and solutions

As a rule, failures that cause the appearance of BSoD, indicate a protective response of the system when there is a problem with the "iron" components of the computer or laptop.

kernel data inpage error on windows 8

If the user sees a message on the screenThat a KERNEL DATA INPAGE ERROR error occurred, you should immediately pay attention to the fault code. If it starts from scratch, the failure refers to physical damage. Otherwise, it's a software-type problem.

Among the main reasons are the following factors:

  • began to "pour" Winchester;
  • there were problems with the operability of the memory slots;
  • the paging file is not working correctly.

Accordingly, to eliminate the problems that have arisen, you can test and replace "hardware" or install special system parameters.

Error KERNEL DATA INPAGE ERROR (Windows 8): check the hard drive

To begin with, it is worth paying attention to the presence ofextraneous noise when the system accesses the hard disk. If there is gnashing, scratching, this clearly indicates that the hard drive is about to fail. Therefore, it is better to copy the required information in advance to a removable media, and then replace the hard drive.

error kernel data inpage error windows 8

Programmatically, too, can be presentfailure KERNEL DATA INPAGE ERROR. On Windows 8, make sure of this and try to fix it easily. To do this, first run the console command-line on behalf of the admin with the appropriate rights (cmd in the "Run" menu), then use the hard disk check command chkdsk / r.

We test the memory slats

As for memory malfunctions, firstIt is worth applying a software method to identify the problem. You can use the built-in tools of Windows, but it's better to give preference to the free utility Memtest86 +.

error kernel data inpage error

If she identifies the problems, she will have to deal withmemory slats. On stationary PCs, they need to be removed one at a time, after which the system must be restarted. If you delete any of the bars Windows will work fine, you need to replace it. But for laptops this method is not good (access to RAM is quite difficult - the device will have to be dismantled, and without special knowledge and technical skills to do this is not recommended). So you have to contact a specialized service center.

Changing the swap file

Finally, the problem of the appearance of a KERNEL DATA INPAGE ERROR failure on Windows 8 may consist in the incorrectly installed paging file size or its virus infection (which happens infrequently).

kernel data inpage error on windows 8

To solve the problem, you need to go into additionalsystem parameters, and then use the Performance tab, where you should disable the use of the swap file. After that, we reboot the system, go back to the specified section and set the file size definition in automatic mode. Then restart again.


In conclusion, it remains to say that there wereonly the most common causes of failure are cited, which in 99% of cases are associated exclusively with "iron." According to some experts, the reason can also be in the emergence of antivirus conflicts with software and "iron" components. In this case, you can try to temporarily disable the security software and see how the system reacts to it. If failures are not observed, it is better to completely remove the antivirus and install some other package, preferably a professional version from Symantec. Web, ESET or Kaspersky Lab.

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