Chromakie is a technology of combining two or more images


In the era of the special popularity of video content inentertainment media, including video blogs, creative people working in this direction, worried about the quality of the picture. Shooting on a natural background is far from always appropriate, and staging scenery is an expensive and time-consuming task. To solve the problem helps the technology of chromakey - this is a technique that allows you to combine two or more frames or images in one composition. Nevertheless, not all novice video-makers know how to work with this effect, as recently it was only used on TV and professional video projects. How to use the hromakey technology, and why is the green background used for this?

Hromakey: the basic principles of work

Translated from English by chroma keyliterally means "color key". If it is necessary to create locations in a movie or video that can not be found in a natural environment, the shooting takes place against the background of the rer-screen, which will then be replaced with the desired location in the final picture. Why is most often used a blue or green background? The fact is that these colors are rarely found in clothing, and the owners of blue or green hair to meet on the set is even more difficult. If the clothes or properties match the color of the screen, they will become transparent on the mounted video, which will certainly affect the quality of the video.

Hromakey is ...

Chromakey in the cinema

Today, it is hardly possible to meet a person who does notwho has seen not a single movie, the action of which takes place in distant galaxies, mysterious deserts or magical forests. Such locations in the real world can not be found, so in such cases, the chromakey is a real salvation. Actors win back scenes in the room with walls completely covered with a rer-screen of green or blue. Workers of the set, who need to assist the actors in the frame, but do not get into the final picture, wear special costumes for the color of the screen. Certainly, no film can do without scenery, but when shooting battle scenes and fights, for example, the chromakey effect is indispensable - the attention of the viewer is distracted by the fascinating actions of stuntmen or actors, so he does not notice a certain "plane" of the background.

Green background

Chromakey and television

Surely everyone who has at least once watched the newsTV program, noticed that behind the leader's back is often an interesting and beautiful background. Chromakey also helps the film crew here, making the everyday workplace stylish. It is interesting that the well-known New Year's address of the President of the Russian Federation is also being removed not in the "fresh air" against the backdrop of the Kremlin, but in a room using the same technology. For the first time President Vladimir Putin's New Year's address was filmed in a similar way in 2000 - before that, the former head of Boris Yeltsin was filmed against the backdrop of the interiors of his residence.

background hromakey

Chromakey in the video blogging

Now the hromakey is not onlycinematographic and television reception. Many successful video makers, sharing their creativity on the YouTube site, have long and successfully used the effect for their videos. True, novice bloggers are not always adroitly controlled both with the screen and with the editing, why continually become "transparent" in the frame. In order to make a really high-quality video, you need not only a "green chrome", as mistakenly called young video makers (in fact, it's called a rer-screen), but also the skills of correct shooting and editing. Often, for the oversight of using this effect, novice bloggers are criticized by more advanced "colleagues." The well-known yutiuber Andrey Nifyodov has been making reviews about young amateurs to show himself to the Internet for several years. It is interesting that Andrew himself has long since abandoned the hromakee, preferring to speak against the backdrop of a cozy home environment. This, however, is not surprising - complex editing only hinders the "conveyor" production of video content.

Green Crimson

Chromakey in the photo

Chromakey is a real find not only forbloggers and TV crews. Photographers use this technology for images that will be processed later in the editor program. Photostudios not only use the screen for work, but also, by selling special equipment, they can help colleagues to buy a background for such filming. On sale are both plastic and fabric screens of any size, so before buying it is necessary to decide where the background will be located.

chromakey effect

Mounting with a chromakey effect

In all known programs for installationthere is a menu and even a whole set of options for working with the chromakey effect. The most popular and widely used video processing software are to date, After Effects and Sony Vegas. Before downloading such an expensive and heavy software, you should study basic installation skills, because otherwise there is a chance to throw money away - not all functions in such programs are intuitively understandable. If the chromakey effect was used for photography, Adobe Photoshop and Corel Photopaint are suitable for editing pictures. The complexity of editing and editing is that the image looks as natural as possible. Such processing takes a lot of time, especially when it comes to video, so it's worth the patience and concentration to come to a qualitative result.

Despite the difficulties associated with the application ofeffect of chromakey, for today this technology is an indispensable assistant for a large number of creative people and collectives. Appearing in the 90s of the 20th century, chromakey is still used in almost all TV shows, serials, films, video clips and other commercials. However, the ability to assemble a footage is qualitatively the same integral part of creative work, and we should not forget that no clever tricks will save a video maker or photographer who is not competent in his field. Nevertheless, the acquisition of a re-screen is a big and important step to success in almost any kind of visual creativity.

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