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Have you ever thought that with the help ofemoticons can draw pictures and cards? Those funny faces that you, for sure, constantly use when communicating with your friends on social networks, via Skype or ICQ, can be an excellent tool for creativity. And it will help you in this recently appeared on the expanses of the Web site Using smileys for Classmates or emoticons for the agent, you can draw a postcard and congratulate it with the help of colleagues, acquaintances or friends.

Since the site itself appeared not so long ago, it is quite possible that yourfriends still do not know anything about him. Therefore, you have a wonderful opportunity to surprise them. Nothing extraordinary is needed for this. Just go to the site, choose the heading of interest (there are 4 of them on the site: for Skype, Classmates, Mail-agent and separate for creating postcards), and go!

You can use existing cards, justby clicking on the "get code" icon. This code needs to be inserted into the message and - everything, the selected picture will immediately appear on the screen of your interlocutor! For creative people it is possible to create their own works using beautiful smileys for the corresponding service. The size of the postcard can be varied in a very wide range, and the use of animated emoticons will give the picture a lively appearance.

If you want to shine with originality or just get tired of the standard faces, on There is specially for you the provided online version of the popular program Photoshop. So, the scope for fantasy is simply limitless.
The arsenal also has an automatic generatorsmileys for forums and the ability to create demotivators. Registration - not required, you can create and so. It will be needed only if you are worried about your copyrights or want to take part in the contest for the most beautiful drawing of emoticons.

Congratulate a friend on a holiday this way -the best opportunity to express your originality and to please a loved one with an unusual gift. Especially if your friend is far away, and you can not give him a "material" gift. However, waiting for the holidays is not necessary, drawings from emoticons can diversify and daily communication. This is a great alternative to boring text messages. Use Smileys for Classmates or emoticons for the agent and create new works of Internet art on the new site!

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