How to increase computer speed: Instruction


Probably, the absolute majority of usersnoticed that after installation all operating systems of the Windows family, they say, simply "fly". But after the expiration of the time, there is a clear slowdown in work. With what it is connected and how to increase the speed of the computer, then it will be told. To consider the basic methods that allow you to optimally optimize the performance of any PC or laptop.

What determines the speed of the computer?

To begin with, a little distracting from the main theme,consider what factors affect the performance of any computer system. The primary role, of course, is played by hardware, in particular, the CPU, RAM, and sometimes the graphics adapter.

Any program running in a Windows environment orany other operating system, in the process of working is drawn to these components and their computing capabilities. But how to increase the speed of a computer with Windows on the board programmatically? The answer is obvious: you need to reduce the load on system resources by disabling heavy processes for accelerated execution of user tasks.


Programmatic methods will be considered a little later, andwhile a few words about the obvious misconceptions of some users who believe that the increase in PC performance can be achieved by the so-called upgrade - the installation of more modern equipment. Indeed, you can change the processor, add memory slots or install a new video card.

Computer Upgrade

But where is the guarantee that their installation supportsavailable motherboard? In case of incompatibility of the board and new equipment, it will be necessary to change it, and for money it is comparable with the purchase of a new PC.

But do not despair, because increaseThe speed of the system can be even on relatively obsolete stationary terminals and laptops. The main thing is to know how to increase the speed of a computer (on Windows 7 or other similar OS) by reducing the load on resources by disabling unnecessary components, services and processes that constantly function in the operating system in an invisible background for the user. The same applies to the use of some specific settings, which will be discussed separately.

How to increase the speed of your computer: the main areas of action

Since we are talking about software methodsoptimizing the operation of the computer system, we first determine what directions it will need to produce. What has the most impact on PC performance? The main components are:

  • autoload unnecessary programs and services;
  • active unused system components;
  • a large number of installed programs;
  • garbage on the disk;
  • fragmented disk and logical partitions;
  • incorrect virtual memory settings;
  • frequent use of hibernation;
  • constantly running specific services (Windows 10);
  • use of unnecessary visual effects.

How to increase the speed of computer boot?

Let's start with the start of the system, since its timeThe load determines in many respects whether some additional applets or processes start with Windows. You can find out just in the Startup section.

In Windows 7 and lower systems, access to theseparameters can be obtained from the configuration section, which is called by the msconfig command in the "Run" console, after which you go to the appropriate tab. How to increase the speed of the computer with Windows through these settings?

Windows 7 Startup

You just need to take pictures of unnecessaryautomatically start programs and services, leaving only the process ctfmon (if you disable it, the language bar and the language switch in the system tray will become unavailable). Pay special attention to various kinds of updateers, monitoring in real time for the release of updated versions of installed programs. You can leave the module only Flash-player (and then, not necessarily).

Now let's see how to increase the speed of the computer on Windows 10 using the same method.

Windows Startup 10

The above command in this system tooIt works, but when you try to access Startup, you will be redirected to the "Task Manager", because the autoloading section in this system is located there. Disabling is done by selecting an unnecessary process and clicking the corresponding button at the bottom right. After all the actions are completed, the system will need to be restarted (Windows 7 will issue a warning, Windows 10 will not).

Windows Components

Unfortunately, the standard section of autostartapplications and services does not fully reflect all the processes starting with the system, so as an additional solution you can suggest to disconnect the unused components of the operating system itself.

To do this, go to the "Control Panel" section of the programs and components and go directly to the Windows components. Here, too, many interesting things.

Windows Components

Select unnecessary components and deactivate them. What can I disable? First of all, we are talking about the Hyper-V module, if it is in the active state, but you do not use virtual machines. If there is no printer, you can turn off the print service. If you do not need virtual printers that work with PDF documents, deactivate the Print to PDF and XPS Writer services. If you have a third-party web browser installed, safely disable the use of Internet Explorer. If you save the installed options, the system will issue a warning that some services may not work correctly after the changes made. Agree and overload the computer.

Remove unnecessary applications

Now a few words about how to increaseComputer speed by removing unnecessary applications. Yes Yes! Excessive number of installed programs also affects the speed of the system? and on her work after the start. The thing is that each program is registered in the system registry. And when you start Windows, it's just that. The larger it is, the longer it will be to scan, which increases the start time of the OS itself.

IObit Uninstaller

Use to remove unnecessary applicationsthe standard section of programs and components is not recommended only for the simple reason that after the uninstallation in the system usually there is a huge amount of computer garbage, which must be deleted manually (files, folders and registry keys), and this for an uninitiated user can become a real headache. Therefore, it is better to use packages like iObit Uninstaller, which produce a standard uninstall procedure, and clean up program balances automatically.

Disk Cleanup

Now let's see how to increase the speedcomputer by cleaning the system partition. To do this, through the PCM on the disk with the operating system installed, select the properties and on the main tab, click the clear button, and then select all objects in the list and delete them.

Disk Cleanup

In Windows 10, you can additionally usecleaning system files, which will get rid of the previous system settings (before installing updates such as Anniversary Update or Creators Update), which can occupy about 20-30 GB.


Speed ​​up access to frequently running applications,and at the same time and organize the files on the hard disk, you can at the expense of defragmentation. To do this, in the properties of the system disk or logical partition, you need to call the defragmentation procedure from the service menu.

Optimization programs

No matter how good and indispensable are the standardWindows tools, programs designed for automated system optimization, stand head and shoulders above, as there are much more opportunities for comprehensive maintenance. For example, in Windows, there is not a single tool for cleaning the registry from outdated keys or incorrect entries, let alone defragmenting it, which allows us to significantly shorten the start time of the OS (as we remember, the system first scans the registry when it boots).

Advanced SystemCare

From the most popular applications you can installAdvanced SystemCare, CCleaner, or something like that. Any such program to increase the speed of the computer can be very noticeable. And in each such utility, as a rule, there is a quick-clean section in which you just need to select the modules that will be used in the optimization process, press the start button and wait until the troubleshooting is completed. If you use additional tools, it's easy to perform all of the above actions, even speeding up access to the Internet.

About how to increase the computer speedInternet, it is worth mentioning separately. If you use optimizers and some browsers, you can find in them an interesting tool for turbo acceleration. Try to turn it on and see how this will affect the speed of opening web pages or downloading files. True, there is no need to be seduced, since such acceleration raises a lot of questions and is, rather, purely nominal, because if you have a limitation on the access speed of 100 Mbit / s, you will not jump above your head, as they say. In extreme cases, you can simply clean the cache, temporary files and cookies in the browser.

Current drivers

It goes without saying that the performance of "hardware" equipment depends very much on the status of the drivers that control it. To update them manually in a timely manner is a thankless task.

Program Driver Booster

Therefore, it is better to use automatedapplications like Driver Booster, which install the latest official versions of drivers without user intervention. The only thing you need is a stable connection to the Internet.

Windows Nuances 10

In the tenth version of the system, it is desirable to turn off questionable services such as telemetry and geolocation detection. Search these sections in the sections of settings, services or in the registry will have a very long time.

Windows 10 Manager

Therefore, the best option is to use a special program to configure Windows 10 Manager.


For obvious reasons,related to changing the size or disabling of the swap file, since it is better not to deal with such things without knowing the matter. But you can perform an automatic deletion of the hibernation file by typing the command powercfg -h off on the command line running as administrator.

As an additional solution, you can suggest disabling all visual effects, but the methods considered do not imply a change in the form of the interface.

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