How to combine two photos into one?


Simple and beautiful postcards, paintings and otherart objects can be created in a simple technique, combining several separate images in one field. And do you know how to combine two photos using popular graphics editors?

From two to one: the technique of collage

Connect two photos
In Photoshop or any editor,allows creating collages, creating a new file. We add each photo in turn and place them in the desired way relative to each other. Frames can come in contact with the edges closely, or there may be distance between them. You can also add a colored background. An interesting effect can be achieved by eroding the edges with the same tool or by adding a decorative frame. You can create similar art in many online editors, it's convenient if you do not have suitable programs on your computer.

You can connect the two photos in another way. Very interesting looks smooth transition of one image to another. First, we copy both images to the same base, compare their size and overlay the images on each other with the necessary clearance. Now the most interesting part of the work, on the last layer we make a mask. On the mask, apply a black-and-white gradient, maybe you will not get a nice blend from the first time, in this case, do not be too lazy to do it all over again. Before you combine the photo into one picture and send it to print, combine the visible layers and add some noise. Our picture is almost ready, if you want you can discolor the image and choose a new color for it.

How to make a photo that was not?

Gluing two pictures
It is often difficult to choose from a series of photographsone and only, fully justified the expectations of the photographer and models. Most often this applies to group photos. Can I glue two pictures into one? For users of Photoshop average level is a simple task. Suppose we are not satisfied with one of the figures in the picture or its elements. But the same figure is in a suitable form in another picture. Select the elements we need and copy them to a new layer on a good photo. Then we transfer to the required frame. The most difficult thing is to compare the dimensions. We need a free transform tool, to keep the proportions we hold the shift key. At the time of selecting the size, you can make the working layer translucent. When elements are appropriately applied, it's time to work out the boundaries. In order to seamlessly combine the two photos you can use blur and stamp, remove the extra parts from the top layer with an eraser.

Join photos in one
The task is much simplified if weyou need to process the landscape. For example, to add a sky from one picture to another is similar. We do in the same technique, it is much easier to isolate and insert homogeneous large areas, rather than to move small elements. If you are going to combine two photos, be sure to pre-process both to the desired form, this will greatly simplify the work. At the very end of the alignment, you can slightly adjust the colors and contrast settings.

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