The laptop is overheated. What to do in this situation?


Over time, even the most powerful computer losesThe productivity is due to trivial contamination or improper location. It is quite difficult to imagine a perfectly clean room, since dust penetrates everywhere. The problem is especially acute on portable computers with a tight layout. It's worth running some serious application (video editor or modern game), and everything - the laptop has overheated. What to do in order to avoid such a situation, how to reduce the temperature during use - this will be discussed in this article.

It should immediately decide on the problem of whichsort of you want to solve: reduce the heat dissipation of the computer as a whole, lowering the performance, or, conversely, to maximize the benefits of "iron" by removing heat. The first method is easier and suitable for business people, the second one will help those who are used to using the computer for entertainment.

overheated laptop what to do
If you are overheating the laptop whenwork with documents or even at rest, then this is an excuse to look into the power settings. By default, there is a balanced mode, which should be changed to minimum power consumption, this will not only prolong battery life (which is obvious), but also limit the power of the processor and video card (if used discrete).

the laptop is overheating
The second step to reduce heat generation will bedisable all unnecessary programs that load the processor, so that the laptop does not overheat. What to do with applications that are needed but require too much system resources? Print their shortcuts to the desktop and start when necessary. There is no need to constantly keep in mind that which is not used all the time.

quickly overheats laptop
As for the gaming station, then the solutioneasier, although it will cost some material costs. On sale, you can find special stands for portable computers with additional coolers for the best cooling. It is enough to connect such a platform to the USB-connector, when the laptop is overheated. What to do if such a miracle-stand is not at your disposal, but you still want to play? First, put the computer only on a flat surface (no sofas or games on your lap), this will ensure unobstructed intake of air for cooling. Secondly, cleaning the laptop from dust is much more difficult than the desktop. Take care of the cleanliness of the workplace before turning on the power. Thirdly, let the technique rest at least once in a couple of hours to avoid deformation and reflow of parts from the constant exposure to high temperatures.

As noted above, the laptop quickly overheatsat excessive dusting. In this case, carefully remove the bottom cover and clean the interior parts. Once a year (or more often with intensive use), heat conductive paste should be changed. If you can not do this yourself, contact a specialist.

Do not forget to check, in factoverheated laptop. What if you do not know the operating temperatures of the individual components? Check the data in the PC documentation. The hot air from the hull is not talking about anything. Perhaps this is the normal operating environment for your device.

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