There are several ways to enable the Windows virtual keyboard


The virtual keyboard "Windows 7" representsthemselves are displayed on top of the desktop or any other windows keys. In order for it to appear, it must be included, and for this purpose, a certain sequence of actions must be carried out.

How to enable the virtual keyboard

Why does the on-screen keyboard support in the operating system?

Few people understand why in Windows operating systems there is a function of showing the keyboard on the desktop. To understand this, you need to turn to the help and add it a little.

First of all, a virtual keyboard is requiredfor those people whose fingers are inactive or lacking. In addition, it can help if the keys of a regular keyboard suddenly stop working, and you urgently need to complete the text, or type the name of the recipient of the files.

Recently,such devices as tablet computers. They can be connected to conventional devices using bluetooth or wi-fi, but in the absence of wireless devices and USB jacks, the work would be incredibly difficult, if not a virtual keyboard.

It can also help protect against malicious programs called keyloggers. They read the passwords that are entered from the physical keyboard, and then send them to the attacker.

How to enable the virtual keyboard, if there is an ordinary one?

  1. Method one. In the latest versions of Windows, the search functions are convenient. Just click on the "Start" button and in the search bar enter "screen keyboard". Now click on the top search link and the desired window will appear.
  2. The second method, the more operative. You just need to press the key combination windows + R, a window with the name "Run" will open. In it write "osk" or "osk.exe", and then click on the button "OK" or "ENTER". If the window does not open after you press a shortcut, you'll have to do a few extra things. First, move the cursor to the Start menu and right-click on it, select Properties. On the right, find the button "Tinctures" and click on it. After clicking, another window will open, in which you need to check the box next to the "Run".

How to enable the virtual keyboard ifThe actions described above are done, but nothing works. Just open the "Start" menu, and in the column on the right select "Run", now you can enter the name of the file "osk" or "osk.exe" without any problems.

How to enable the virtual keyboard, if the normal one does not work?

The on-screen keyboard can only be opened using the mouse.

Windows 7 Virtual Keyboard

Click on "Start", then on "Control Panel" and select "Accessibility".

A window with the name "Accessibility Center" opens.

After clicking on "Enable Virtual Keyboard", the required keys appear above all windows.

Open the Explorer by clicking twice on the "My Computer" label (it is advisable to perform this action on behalf of the Administrator).

Since the virtual keyboard not always possible from the control panel, especially if the computer is infected, sometimes it is required to open the executable file on its own.

Virtual keyboard how to enable

Then follow the path "C: WindowsSystem32" and run the executable file "osk.exe".

Settings and advanced features

A virtual keyboard is opened on the screen, likeEnable the settings window? There is nothing difficult in this - click on the "Options" button. Here you can select the reaction to the guidance by simply holding the mouse pointer over a certain key - it will be considered that this key is pressed.


Often after some time the function of the OSin the form of a keyboard on the screen becomes unnecessary. To disable the window, which is no longer required for work, in its upper right corner, click on the familiar buttons for the user: the underscore character to collapse, or the cross to complete.

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