Houses in "The Game of Thrones": description, coat of arms, history


Houses in the "Game of Thrones" are the mainpolitical force. In the fictional George Martin of the universe there is a complex hierarchy of privileged families. Each house has its own coat of arms, motto and family castle. The oldest member of the family is the lord, he controls a certain region of Västerås. Small houses swear allegiance to him and are his standard bearers.


Starkey sits in his castle Winterfell, imall northern houses are subordinate. In the "Game of Thrones" the Stark family plays one of the key roles. This is an ancient family, which originates from the First People. For eight thousand years before the events described in the series and the book, they settled in the far North.

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This region excels in area all otherKingdom of Västerås, but it is practically not inhabited. House Starkov one of the few kept the faith in the old gods. The place of worship is the God-Bearing with the ancient Chardrew. Lord Winterfell is also the defender of the North. Under his banners are collected small houses like the Carstairs, Mali, Marmont and others. The coat of arms of the house is a creeper. With the southern lands, the kingdom is joined by the impenetrable Row Keilin. Starkey rebelled against the crown and announced the creation of an independent kingdom.


Western houses in "The Game of Thrones" are the mostrich. The ancient mighty Lannister house controls the entire western region of Västerås. The Lords are seated in the Beavers' cliff - a well-fortified castle on a rock. Famous for their huge gold reserves. The family's coat of arms is a lion. During the War of Five Kings, Lannister troops were called lions, and Starkes were called wolves. The influence of the house extends to the Royal Harbor. After the death of Robert Baratheon, the Lannisters actually rule there.

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The house is one of the most powerful armies of Västerås. However, during the campaign against Robb Stark, they suffered several defeats.

In the south-west, the great house of the Tyrells reigns. Their lands are rich and fertile. Thanks to the climate, they have the richest harvest in Västerås. Their coat of arms is a golden rose on a yellow background. If other great houses in "The Game of Thrones" ruled their lands from ancient times, the Tirelles became lords relatively recently. During the conquest of the Targariens, they displaced the old king and began to reign in Highgarden.

"Game of Thrones": houses and arms of small families

House Arren rule in the East. They own large lands, but practically have no influence on the political life of Västerås. After the departure of John Arren for the war against the Mad King, his lineage was almost extinguished. The family estate is called "Eagle's Nest". It is high in the mountains and is almost impregnable. The coat of arms of the house is a hovering falcon and a month. They are waging a constant war with the mountain tribes.

Another once great, but lost his power house - Greyjoy. They rule on the far Iron Islands.

game of thrones at home and coats of arms
"What is dead, can not die" - such atiron mottos of houses. "The Game of Thrones" begins for Greyjoy with the rebellion of Robb Stark. At this moment they proclaim their independence. The coat of arms of the house is a golden kraken.

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