How to zabindit a clip in "CS: GO"? An example command in the console


Many users have noticed that the new game "COP: GO "is very different from previous versions.One thinks that it has become better, and someone, on the contrary, is very disappointed by the innovations.For example, because of the unusual system of buying weapons, users experience some discomfort. simplify with the help of the bind command Let's understand how to use it correctly Also, let's touch on an interesting team like noclip and tell you how to zabindit a clip in "CS: GO", which will make fools of your friends on different cards. about the bind function for fast about access to different functions.

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What does the Bind team do?

This command assigns a certain action to a key. If any procedure in the game takes you a lot of time, then it can be programmed into one key.

Most often, players use the most popularactions, such as buying weapons. Thanks to this command, you do not need to waste time pressing 4-5 buttons, just press just one, and the entire arsenal of weapons will appear in the inventory. Also, text messages for chat. Why write monotonous messages every time and spend for this time? All this can be done by pressing one key.

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What is Noclip in "CS: GO"?

Before we describe how to slip a"COP: GO", it is worth explaining a couple of points. Surely you've seen some players fly around and even pass through walls. In fact, this function does not exist for pampering, but for working out garnet spreads, for example. So the player can throw a grenade and quickly see where it will fly. Someone is practicing shooting at locations with her help. But some users use it for entertainment. This cheat (and this is cheat) can only be used by the server, that is, the player who created the game. If you go to any online server, then you can not use the command. And in general, the online servers are critical of cheaters - they immediately banned, and forever. So you can play with the cheat only with friends or with bots.

How to register binds?

All commands, including bind, are prescribedthrough the console. It opens with the "~" button. For example, we show the command of the button of the button f2, which will be responsible for the purchase of weapons. It looks like this: Bind "f2" "m4a1; primammo".

In this command, "m4a1; primammo" is an action,which is executed when the "f2" key is pressed. This principle works for all keys and commands. Ideally, for one key, it is advisable to hang up the purchase of the entire set of weapons, depending on the purpose.

For example, to one button you tie a purchasepistol, automatic, bulletproof vest, grenades (explosive, smoke, light), as well as a full set of cartridges. On the second button you "hang" the sniper set: a rifle, a good pistol, grenades, body armor, cartridges. Also, it is desirable to allocate a separate button for the purchase of an economy kit. You will use it when you need to save money for a more powerful weapon. Depending on the type of game you can choose one or another set of weapons. Spend while you are a fraction of a second.

Now it is already more or less clear how to button a button "no clip" in "CS: GO". If not, then read on.

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How to zabindit a clip in "CS: GO"?

To begin with, you need to register in the consolecommand sv_cheats 1. Many users ask about how to zabindit a clip in "CS: GO". They, in principle, do everything right initially, but forget to enter sv_cheats 1. This command allows you to enter cheats later. If you do not enter this command, then you will not be able to use the cheats.

Now we can check if the clip works. We enter in the console noclip and fly on location. Now we write the command: bind "n" noclip. As you may have guessed, the ability to fly by location will be activated when you press the "n" button. You can assign any other key. Now you know how to zabindit command "Noclip" in "COP: GO".

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If you want to unbind any button, thenyou need to use the unbind command. Let's show an example on our command: unbind "n" removes all actions from the button "n". Now it can also "hang" other teams.

This method of key binding is actively usedplayers, especially professional ones. Use this command and take care of your time in the game. Sometimes the outcome of a match in a game depends on one or two seconds, which you at the very beginning spend on buying weapons. If you know how to zabindit a noclip, the process of the game will be more enjoyable. You will even win more often because of one or two seconds saved. True, your victories depend more on skills, but sometimes just a second is not enough to win.

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