Geforce GTS 450: specifications, reviews


All users have long become accustomed to the idea thatbudget variants of video cards from nVidia is a rejection of a more expensive segment, which belongs to the top class. However, this fate does not apply to all video adapters, there are devices that are intentionally designed for an inexpensive niche. For example, Geforce GTS 450, its characteristics indicate that it is completely independent device.

Geforce GTS 450 specifications

Expected replacement

If we study the evolution of video adapters fromknown manufacturer nVidia, it can be noted that for several years the Geforce GTS 250 remained without a successor. After all, the 260 series was replaced by a more productive 460 model, for comparison. Naturally, the market expected the appearance of the Geforce GTS 450, its characteristics should match its line, but have better performance.

Here, only the manufacturer has acted dishonestlyto the customers when they started the game with the re-branding of the Geforce 8800 and 9800 video adapters, changing the process technology, changing the operating frequencies and making the corresponding markings (GT, GTS, GTX, GTX +). In fact, for several years the manufacturer has put several variations of the same video card on the market. Many users who understand the characteristics of video adapters were no less surprised after the launch of the Geforce GTS 450, which in fact was just an improved version of the Geforce 8800 GT, though with its own crystal.

Geforce GTS 450 specifications


The graphic processor GF106, belonging toarchitecture nVidia Fermi was developed specifically for a new product in the line of inexpensive devices Geforce GTS 450. Technical specifications of this video adapter are almost half different from the older model Geforce GTX 460:

  • The GPU supports 192 universal processors, 24 ROPs and 32 textures;
  • the kernel in the factory version operates at 783 MHz;
  • to work with the memory there are three 64-bit controllers, but one of them is disabled, so the bus of the bitrate of this video adapter is only 128 bits.

Apparently, the game with Geforce 8800 models is veryhad a positive effect on the manufacturer's earnings, since the Geforce GTS 450 also had too many modifications. They flooded the market and occupied all the price niches on store shelves, down to the top devices.

Geforce GTS 450 graphics card

About modifications

First of all, we are talking about the type of memory thathas a video card Geforce GTS 450. The characteristics of GDDR3 and GDDR5 differ in the speed of data transmission, which is almost twice as high in a more technological type. But the price of devices with different types of memory differs slightly. And if you remember that the manufacturer intentionally blocked the operation of one 64-bit controller, then everything becomes clear why it was done. So in the market there was a modernized adapter Geforce GTS 450, with a bus width of 192 bits and a volume of 1536 MB on board.

And if you test and compare everythingmodifications among themselves and the closest competitors in the price category, then we can trace the trend. The most productive video adapter from the entire Geforce GTS 450 line has the same performance as the trimmed version of the top model GTX 460 768 MB.

Palit Geforce GTS 450 specifications

Golden mean

By the ratio of "price-quality" leaderof the Russian market was Asus Geforce GTS 450. The characteristics of the device are unlikely to seem attractive to real game lovers, but here the price can attract the attention of many buyers. In this video adapter, a well-known Taiwanese manufacturer only slightly increased the frequency of the core of the GPU, and all other characteristics do not differ from the declared parameters by the manufacturer nVidia. Even the cooling system, which in the factory version looks depressingly, has not been improved.

As it became known, the manufacturer ASUS releasedAnother device based on Geforce GTS 450 for some foreign markets. The video adapter was positioned as an office device for creativity. The main features of the video card are GDDR3 memory, understated graphics processor frequency and passive cooling. Find such an interesting video card is quite real in foreign online stores.

Asus Geforce GTS 450 specs

For two hares

And the marketers adhere to double standardscompany Palit. Their offspring is presented in several variants, oriented at different price niches. The expensive device is built on the basis of GDDR5 and has an increased core and video memory frequency, and a budget instance uses GDDR3 chips. But cheap devices can be purchased with different amount of video memory on board - options are available with 1 GB and 2 GB. True, many experts claim that the performance in games does not increase the amount of memory, and they call improved modification by marketing.

All Others for Palit Geforce GTS 450characteristics are identical. Even the cooling system, which by logic should be more powerful for an expensive device, does not have branded copper or aluminum tubes. This is very strange, considering that the manufacturer has increased the nominal frequency of the graphics core by 10%.

Geforce GTS 450 1Gb specifications

Game instance

But the company Gigabyte introduced in the marketown vision of how the GeForce GTS 450 1Gb graphics adapter should look. The characteristics of the device have a small factory overclocking on the core, which gives some advantages of the video card among competitors. However, the main feature is hidden in the proprietary cooling system called WindForce 2X, which has its own radiator with two tubes for heat dissipation. Naturally, there are two powerful fans, their speed is controlled by the controller integrated in the video adapter.

Judging by the numerous reviews of the owners inmedia, with a professional cooling system, the graphics card can easily be overclocked and not disconnected due to banal overheating. So, experimentally, thanks to synthetic tests and software overclocking using the utility nVidia Inspector, it was recorded an increase in productivity by 15 percent.

If you believe the reviews

Synthetic tests and device reviews inThe media allows you to examine the characteristics and see a list of the closest competitors in the performance table. But this is still not enough for many potential buyers, because most of the reviews are sponsored, at the expense of companies promoting their products. Therefore, without feedback from the owners here can not do.

The advantages of a video card include a lowvalue on the market, for a class of gaming devices. A simple cooling system significantly influenced the size of the video adapter - in this version it can be installed even in the midi tower enclosure. In the factory version, the cooling system is very quiet, even in peak loads, which is very encouraging for all game lovers at night.

The drawback is the performance. Uniquely, with a 128-bit memory bus, the Geforce GTS 450 features will be underestimated compared to competitors in this price category, but with a 192-bit or 256-bit bus. For a video card using the type of video memory GDDR3, support for DirectX 11 and Nvidia Physx technologies is completely incomprehensible, there can be no performance.


Judging by the numerous reviews, it makes no sensefinding fault with the GeForce GTS 450-based video adapter. The characteristics of the device are initially offered for use in the budget class, respectively, and the price is therefore very low due to this. Those who want to have a more powerful adapter can purchase 460 series devices, which is 1.5 times more expensive than a budget employee. But if the buyer's goal is the "price-quality" criterion, then the 450 model will be just the one needed by the golden mean. In addition, as a bonus, the buyer will receive a small and very quiet device, which will not cause inconvenience to the owner both during work and during installation.

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