How to install addons for "VoB". Where to install addons for "WoW"


Addons are special programs thatare used by players in World of Warcraft. Their installation helps not only to improve and simplify some of the graphic characteristics in the game, but also to track a variety of game events. To date, add-ons are released by many developers, and there really is something to choose from.

how to install add-ons for

We present to your attention the guide "How and whereinstall addon for WoW? "In fact, it is a guide for novice players who have heard about the convenience of such programs, but do not know how to properly use them.

Where to find the right addon

Before installing addons for WoW, a gamerfaces a challenge - the selection of the most needed of them. The first thing to do is to appeal to those who have played the game for a long time. You can do this either in forums dedicated to the famous MMORPG, or in the chat of the game itself. Having defined a set of useful add-ons for a particular character, you can find them on the Internet by name or install a special program that already contains a list of necessary add-ons. Further it remains only to understand all the intricacies concerning how to install add-ons. The game WoW can not be called special in this regard, since the sequence of actions for the successful implementation of additional functional programs in it is the same as in other similar games. To begin with, you just need to download the addon to the computer and unpack the folder, specifying the correct path.

where to install add-ons for

Add-on path for WoW

The next popular question for beginner gamersrelates to where to install addons for WoW, because the wrong path for unpacking files will mean the programs are not working. In order for the addon to work, it must be placed in the "AddOns" folder, which can be found in the "Interface" section. Where can I find this section? It's simple: you search for one of the disks (C or D) program "World of Warcraft" and open it. The fourth folder on the top is what you need.

A common mistake for many novice playersis that, after unpacking the archive with add-ons to a regular folder, they try to copy it into "AddOns". However, with this method of installation, most often there are failures in the work of add-ons due to the loss of some documents. It's best to unzip and extract the files to the right folder at once.

The main inconvenience that is associated with the "manual"installation of add-ons, is the need for systematic updating. Usually this is done like this: the old version is completely removed from the add-ons folder, after which you can proceed with installing the latest version of the modification. In order to find out which packages need updating, just enter the section with the same name in the game and mark the item "Obsolete" in the upper right part of the window that opens. Those add-ons that can be updated will be highlighted in red. Are there ways how to install add-ons for WoW in one click? Fortunately, they are.

Installation addon with a special program

To date, there are severalservices, after installation of which you can no longer worry about constantly monitoring new versions of add-ons. These programs already contain the newest software packages. In addition, when new updates appear, the player does not have to search for them and install them themselves. It's enough just to run the program and click on the add-on that requires the update. The system will do everything itself: unpack the files in the desired folder and replace the obsolete with new ones.

guide how and where to install the addon for

Some similar programs implyConnection of VIP status for the user. In this case, the gamer does not need to do anything at all, since the addons are updated in an absolutely automatic mode. So, we figured out the basics of how to install addons for WoW. Let's pass to not less important question: how to include the addon if it does not work?

If the add-on does not work: setup and enable

Even with all the rules, it sometimes happens that the addons do not work. To correct the situation, the gamer needs to perform a few simple steps:

  • restart the game, if during the installation of add-ons you were on the network;
  • At the stage of choosing a character, open the "Modifications" tab and tick the checkboxes;
  • if the addon was installed manually, you may need to do it again, after deleting the folder with it from the "AddOns".

how to install addons game wow

So we figured out how to install add-ons for WoW and fix errors in their work. A successful and memorable game for all lovers of WoW!

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