How to change the password on WiFi? How to find out the password on WiFi?


Internet access via Wi-Fi is verymany Russian users. Enter, connecting to the Internet, the password, often without thinking about where it came from. In many cases, the users of the home network are trusted by specialists invited from the service centers. This, of course, is a paid service. And very often opaque (from the point of view that the user has difficulty understanding the actions performed by the master).

However, many homeownerscomputer networks want to learn more about the nuances of setting up hardware and software, learn how to work with "hardware" yourself, without involving third-party assistants.

What is the password for WiFi

Such initiatives are easily implemented. At least because the process of setting up wireless networks, as a rule, consists in setting just a few key parameters. One of which, in fact, is the password.

What are the main nuances to whichto pay attention when setting up a home wireless network? What is the meaning of the password for Wi-Fi? What are the features of setting up routers? How to change the password on WiFi in the correct way?

We will act according to a very simpleinstructions. It will allow us to set, or change the password on the WiFi-router, and enter other parameters necessary for setting up the Internet connection in the settings of the router.

Why do I need a Wi-Fi password?

If the wireless network is not password protected,then connect to it will be able to absolutely anyone who wants a device with a device that supports Wi-Fi-standards. At his disposal will be free Internet, as well as the potential for access to files on devices that are on the network.

What is the most reliable password?

Specificity of wireless communication is that the reliability of password protection against unauthorized access to the network depends on several factors.

Length and complexity

The first is the length and complexity of the password. It is necessary to complicate the possibility of his selection or guessing as much as possible. Before thinking about how to change the password on WiFi, it is useful to get a random generator program for random character sets. On the Internet, such solutions are presented in large numbers (including in the form of online scripts, which you do not even need to download).


The second factor is the password protection from decryption. The fact is that the combination of characters that you enter for access to the network is stored in the hardware database of the router. If the hacker can penetrate it, then he will read the password. To do this, he can through the analysis of the radio traffic generated by the router.


The third factor is the reliability of storage methodspassword in secret. This is an important condition for network security. The hacker only dreams about how to see the password on the WiFi, laid out by the owner of the router in a prominent place. Despite the fact that the password can be verycomplex, ideally you need to remember it and do not write it anywhere. And do not report, of course, all in a row. It is not uncommon for a hacker, when deciding how to recognize a password on WiFi, tries in various ways to find out from the owner the secret place of storage of the desired code.

How to change the password on WiFi

In order to suppress such actions, IT-engineers have developed various algorithms for encryption of Wi-Fi communications. Consider their main varieties.

WEP encryption

This algorithm is considered the most basic, and thereforerelatively unreliable. But when there are no other options, you will have to use it. WEP-protection does not allow the user to enter the Wi-Fi network without entering the correct password, but the network traffic generated within the framework of this algorithm is very easily deciphered by the simplest hacker programs that any novice user can master.

How to find out the password on WiFi

Therefore, it is very easy to calculate the password in the framework of WEP-protection. Accordingly, there will be no problem with how to change the password on the WiFi so that even the owner of the router can not enter the network.

WPA encryption

In order to increase the level of securitywireless networks IT engineers have created a new WiFi encryption protocol - WPA. It implements several different technologies at once, designed to minimize the probability of calculating the password by analyzing the radio spectrum. The peculiarity of encryption technologies in the framework of WPA-protocol is that the data in the Wi-Fi network is transmitted within the framework of a large number of packets with inconsistent content.

How to change the password for WiFi

While WEP-protected data is transmitted to thewithin a single stream. If a hacker intercepts one packet encrypted using the WPA protocol, it will not be able to calculate the password until it compares data with information from hundreds or even thousands of others. He will need a lot of time for this. And because if the password is complicated enough, then the probability of hacking WPA encryption will be extremely low.

WPA2 encryption

This communication protocol is athe next step in the development of the previous wireless network security algorithm. It is optimized mainly in terms of speed and allows you to efficiently encrypt data for a large number of devices connected to the same network. At the same time, the WPA2 algorithm has even stronger security than WPA, in terms of calculating the password.

Configuring the router

Before putting the password on the router, we will need to make a number of other settings. First of all, you need to connect the device to the computer correctly. And in a wired mode.

The instruction, which is given below, is suitable,certainly, not for all routers. The user's procedure regarding how to set or change the password on the TP-Link, the WiFi router from ZyXel, the modem, issued under the D-Link brand, may differ. But the difference between approaches to tuning different models, as a rule, is minimal. If they are, in most cases the user will be able to adapt this instruction to a specific router brand.

Change password on WiFi ByFly

Hardware configuration of the router

Most routers have three maintype ports (located at the rear of the chassis). Some of them (usually one) are connected to the Internet connection channel (DSL, Ethernet, "fiber", etc.), others are designed to connect the device to a PC and a power source.

The port that is designed to connect the device withthe worldwide network, as a rule, is signed as "Internet". The device is connected to the PC in most cases via an Ethernet cable ("twisted pair") or a USB wire. Both are easy to recognize by the specific configuration of the connector, and sometimes by color. The Ethernet cable is usually yellow, and the USB cable is blue.

If possible, you should connect a "twisted pair"(in this case we do not need to install drivers for the device). One end of the cable, which is most likely to be yellow, we connect to the router, the other - to the network card of the computer. A small clue to us will be the fact that the connectors are both the same and there and there, unlike the USB connection.

Connecting the router to the PC should be done whenboth devices are de-energized. First of all, turn on the router, make sure that the power light on the front panel lights up. Then the computer. After the operating system is loaded, the indicator for connecting to the local network should appear on the right side of the bottom panel (next to the clock and language layout).

On this work, connected with the adjustment of the hardware, can be considered complete. We proceed to the stage of interaction with the device at the program level.

Software configuration of the router

We need to start the router management interface. He will allow us to produce a large number of actions. With it, you can install, change or find the WiFi password on the computer.

Password on TP Link WiFi

To start the interface, we open any browserand enter the following IP address in the upper line: In the window that appears, enter the login and password, which sound the same: admin (in some routers the user name is different - root).

After that, the user will go to the pageThe interface, in which there will be options for configuring the router. We are interested in a bookmark that contains the word Wi-Fi. Selecting it, we get to the page, where you will need to enter the following data:

1. The name of the wireless network (SSID).

It can be any (Latin letters). It is recommended to adhere to neutral and easily remembered words.

2. Select the type of authentication.

We recall our mini-lecture on encryption methods. We choose the most reliable type of authentication, that is, one whose name contains abbreviations WPA or WPA2.

3. The password itself.

Its minimum length is 8 characters. What is the password for WiFi the most reliable? Above we partly answered this question, advising us to use the program generators of a random sequence of symbols. But if you do not have access to such software, then you can do with a combination of letters and numbers. For example, one character is a letter, another is a digit.

After all operations, click on the "save" buttonchange "(in English" save settings "), wait for the reboot of the router for about a minute. Done. You can disconnect the "twisted pair" that connects the router to the PC. Now will work Wi-Fi-connection. You can connect from any device that supports wireless connection.

How to change the password on WiFi if necessary? In order to do this, it is necessary againconnect the router with a cable to the PC and enter the management interface. Then we select now the familiar bookmark with the settings of Wi-Fi and get to the right page - the one on which the password will be visible. And where it can be changed to any other. That is, there will be no problems with how to find out the password on WiFi.

Nuances of setting up an Internet connection

In a number of cases, the aboveoperations is not enough. The matter is that this scenario reflects the process of setting up a Wi-Fi connection with a password in cases when the Internet connection options are set automatically by the system, in accordance with the standards adopted by the majority of Russian providers.

It is possible that this or that operatorAccess to the Internet works with other settings. For example, to use the services of online access provided by the ByFly Belarusian provider, it is necessary to perform a number of additional actions with the router. Which ones?

Before configuring the wireless network andset the password to the WiFi-modem, you need to make sure the options that regulate the connection of the router to the Internet are correct. To do this, by entering the device management interface using the IP address, You must select an option that will be called "Internet Setup" or the like.

On the opened page it is necessary to choose the correct protocol of connection of the router with the Internet: in most cases it is PPPoE / PPPoA.

It is also necessary to set the correct values ​​for VPI and VCI. In the city of Minsk, for example, you will need to enter the numbers 0 and 33.

A provider can organize access to thelogin and password, which are also entered in the adjacent fields. For ByFly customers, the user name will match the contract number. The password is specified in the text of the contract.

Password on WiFi modem

Depending on the configuration of the modem, you may need to select the correct options at such points as "Bridge Interface", or, for example, "Dynamic Route".

After the introduction of all the necessary parameters,finally, set or change the password on WiFi. ByFly is definitely a modern telecom operator. However, some actions to configure modems to use its services, customers still have to do it yourself.

If there is even a need to exposethe above settings or adjust them, in the options section associated with the wireless connection, no changes are required. Internet channel and Wi-Fi network from a technological point of view - two different router modules. Think about how to change the password for WiFi on the fact of adjusting the settings of the Internet connection, it is not necessary. It will only be required if the user himself for some reason has decided to change his secret code to enter the network.

Note only that modern providers, likerule, try to work with the settings that are set in the default modems of users. All the above operations are generally not required, but it is possible that such a need will arise.

How to change the password on WiFi, we now know. We also learned some subtle points related to the security of wireless networks and data encryption technologies.

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