How to create a folder on the "Android" screen


All users of "Android" are similar in one way or another, they like different applications. Of course, their number differs for everyone - some like to download a huge number of programs.

So, you saved a large number of applications,but faced a certain problem. In any case, the space of the gadget's screen is very limited. You can create a certain number of widgets, but all the desired icons can not fit. This means that you will have to go to the menu every time and perform a search when you want to run a program. It's not difficult, but it's not always possible to remember the correct names for all applications, and this makes it very difficult to find and download.

This problem can be effectively solved in "Android": create a folder in the menu and organize all your data.

how to create a folder on android

How to do it

Long press the application. This means that you have to press and hold your finger on the program icon until you feel the vibration and notice that something has changed on the screen.

Now drag your application to another icon. This action causes the creation of folders "Android". This process is similar in the iOS devices - iPad and iPhone.

Name your folder

Unlike other operating systems, Androiddoes not imply creating a name for the new directory. Speaking of how to create a folder on "Android", you should be prepared for the fact that it will appear without any name at all. Since it remains unnamed, it is not displayed in any way, and you will not be able to fix which applications are stored in it.

If you want your folder to be named, youshould make a long press again, this time - on it. It should open and display all applications stored inside, and simultaneously launch the Android keyboard. Type a name for the new folder and click Finish. Now you will see the name displayed on the main screen.

android create a folder in the menu

How to create a folder on the "Android" competently?

It is advisable to organize your applications bygroups - games, books, music, contacts and documents. This will provide you with enough space for applications and widgets on the screen without having to dig into the menu for a long time.

How can I change the location of a folder?

You can also drag and drop a directory with yourfavorite apps on the bottom of the main screen on your Android phone. This allows you to use only two clicks in order to get to the desired program.

creating folders android

Follow the instructions on how tocreate a folder on the "Android", you must remember that the order of movement is very important. You can drag and drop applications to other programs to make folders. You can also move the software to existing folders.

However, you can not drag folders toprograms. If you see that your application's icon is "running away" when you try to move something to it, then you are trying to do just that. Another thing you can not do is drag and drop widgets on the main screen into folders. This is because widgets are mini-applications that constantly work on the main screen and they simply will not start properly from another location.

It was a simple instruction on how to create a folder on "Android." As you can see, this process is not difficult.

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