The boot floppy - how and for what?


The situation when Windows does not want to produceUnfortunately, downloading often occurs. In addition, there are cases when the process of loading the operating system is incorrect, issuing various kinds of errors, or, for example, the download session is interrupted, starting again. In order to combat these problems, and use such a simple medium as a boot diskette. The urgency of using this method has been proven for a very long time, despite the fact that new versions try to reduce the number of errors.

boot floppy

The Windows 98 startup disk was the primarya method of emergency system recovery. At the present stage of development of computer technologies by many experts it is recommended to use the distribution program of the shell program or, as it is also called, the installation disk (installation CD). In new versions, the floppy disk will no longer be needed, but a large number of computers continue to use the "XP" version, and for it the Windows XP boot diskette will be a simple solution to many problems.

In addition, the restoration and preservation of datacan be made through an input in a safe mode or by loading the last of the configurations that functioned successfully. The last action Windows offers itself in case of an unsuccessful shutdown, and the safe mode can be selected by pressing at the time of BIOS loading, when the text of white color appears on the black screen, the "F8" key.

boot floppy windows xp

If it is not possible to carry out the aboveaction, then the only option would be to use a simple device such as a boot diskette. To create it, you must first format it. To do this, you need to install a floppy disk in the drive and open local and removable drives on the computer through the "My Computer" icon or any convenient file manager. Then select the drive icon and open the shortcut menu, simply by right-clicking the mouse. After that, select the "Format" menu item and click on it with the left mouse button, confirming the procedure through the "Start" section.

Having carried out the process of formatting, you canstart copying the required system files. To do this, you first need to enable the mode, in which it becomes possible to see hidden files that are not displayed in Windows by default. To do this, you need to go to the control panel, click "Switch to Classic View" and select "Folder Options". In the "view" tab, lower the slider to the bottom and set the icon to "Show hidden folders and files", then confirm the actions by clicking the "Ok" button.

boot floppy windows 98

The next stage, thanks to which you will get a full bootable diskette, will be copying from the root directory of the local drive "C" such files:

- ntldr;

- boot.ini;


Thus, the boot floppy will already beready. After that, you can again turn off the mode, in which hidden and system files are visible, in order to avoid the occurrence of various kinds of incidents. Then you should check if the boot floppy is functioning properly, for which you need to install it in the drive and restart the computer.

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