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Many internet users have already heard about thiscalled "Kripipaste", but the majority of it practically does not know anything. Some people may assume that this is due to some terrible stories, but they do not know the details. To date, "Kripipasta" is an integral element of the Internet community, which is constantly growing, developing and, of course, frightening. If someone thought that the term is connected with horrors - he was not mistaken. The fact is that "Kripipasta" is a word that includes a full scope on the Internet. But it all began with a single community in which users came up with their terrible stories and illustrated, and other readers could complement them, improve and do even worse. So there were "Kripipasty" - stories about any creatures that terrorize civilians, frighten, kill, torment and so on. Everyone knows that this is fiction, but it does not become less frightening - that's what "Kripipasta" is like. Characters of this genre are particularly cruel, terrible appearance, frightening details and so on. Therefore, the following will be considered the most famous of the characters, which inspire fear already on a huge number of people of all ages.


kripipasta characters

Most likely, the most popular for todayThe character of the "Kripipasty" is the Slenderman. Several foreign projects have already been created about him, including full-fledged video games - this is a great achievement for the genre of "Krypapasta". Characters of this genre often remain within the Internet, but the Slenderman came out so unusual and impressive that it could break through into other areas. What is he like? Initially, he was portrayed as a very tall and thin man in a strict suit. From his real person, his face, more precisely, his absence, distinguished him. The slenderman lures young children out of the house, and then kills them or subjugates them, making them his assistants. Naturally, this character has undergone multiple changes from different authors. Of these, not so many have taken root - for example, now very often Slenderman is depicted with tentacles growing from the back. A thin person is the most popular and successful "Kripipasta", the characters of other stories, of course, also catch up with horror, but this is best done by the Slenderman. But it's time to talk about other popular heroes.

Jeff the killer

kripipasta characters and their stories

Many famous heroes are famous"Kripipasta", the characters of this genre very quickly acquire universal love. So it happened with Jeff, who was nicknamed the murderer. In fact, he is a real killer who makes his way into the house and watches the sleeping man until he sees him. Then Jeff tells the man to go on sleeping, and if he obeys, he can survive. If not, then Jeff immediately attacks him with a knife and kills. Outwardly, this character is much like an ordinary person, only his eyes are definitely wild, and his mouth is huge and constantly stretches into a horrifying sinister smile. Jeff can die, but he always degenerates into one of his victims, which makes it even more horrible, which any Kripipasta achieves. Characters and their stories are breathtaking, and also make you forget about sleep. After all, at any time you can feel the look on Jeff.

Jane the Assassin

kripipasta pictures of characters

This story is directly related to the previous one, thatquite typical for the genre called "Krypapasta". Characters and their stories very often intertwine, creating an incredible world full of horror and fear. So, Jane is the girl who lived next door to Jeff when he started killing and became a monster, not an ordinary boy. And one day Jeff came for Jane, who sympathized with him, while everyone else hated him. So he did not come to kill her, but to play with her in a twisted game. Jane tried to defend herself with a knife, but it did not work, as a result, Jeff poured her gasoline and set fire to her disfigured beautiful face. After that he sent her a mask and her knife, saying that she hoped that she would gain her beauty. After that, Jane swore that she would devote her life to finding and killing Jeff while she hides her disfigured face behind a mask - this is the story Kripipast players offer. There are pictures of the characters in the article, so you can look at Jeff and Jane at any time.

Eyeless Jack

list of kipipasty characters

The next character who became the generalthe favorite is the Eyeless Jack, very entertaining "Kripipasta". Images of characters, including the One-Eyeed Jack, perfectly complement the stories, which makes the narrative more alive. So Jack got the nickname "Eyed-eyed" for the reason that he was born with absolutely black eyes. For this he was hated and despised, mocked at him. The result was that his parents were killed, so Jack put on a mask, took his father's scalpel and began to conduct operations on those who did it, as well as on those who mocked him over the years. For a while he did this with his friend Justin, until he committed suicide, unable to withstand such a life. The list of characters "Kripipasty" is constantly replenished with such interesting characters. Each of them has its own story, which can both entice and frighten.

Ben the Drowned Man

kripipasta characters photo

Quite relevant is the story of onegamer, who mysteriously became a participant in a computer game on the verge of virtual and actual realities. The list of "Kripipasta" characters includes even such heroes, so if you are not already familiar with this direction, then you definitely should read the notes and see the images and videos. In this case, the narrative is about a game that carried the protagonist to a virtual world that seemed real. Entangled events eventually form a single horrifying picture, which can frighten even the most audacious readers of the genre of "Krypapast." Characters, photos of which are on many relevant resources, are the most impressive. And in this sense, Ben strikes, as he has the appearance of the famous hero of the game "Legends of Zelda" Link.

Tim Masks

characters in Russian

Quite interesting and fresh looks Tim's storyMasks, a teenager who decided to star in an amateur horror film in a remote forest. At first glance this is quite ordinary "Kripipasta", characters, photos and stories are available in the public domain, but something in this story looks strange and incomprehensible. Its essence lies in the fact that he could not meet with friends with whom he planned to make a film. But he lured the forest, enticed and did not let go, run away, hide. All his attempts to get away farther failed, and as a result, the forest swallowed him up, turning him into something different from a man - that's how the characters of the "Kripipasta" are. In Russian, absolutely all the stories are available, so you can easily see the full version of any of them.


Hoody is another maniac who did not wantbecome such, but he was turned into a monster by conditions. He lost his parents, his older sister and her husband registered custody of Alex (Hudi) and his sister. My stepfather beat his wife, and when she was not, he took up children, and one day accidentally killed Sandra, his younger sister. Alex took the knife and cut his throat, but then the older sister returned and accused him of killing both relatives. Here, Hoody had to get rid of her, and then burn the house and go to kill, wearing a mask and his sweatshirt.

Tiki Toby

Toby is another boy who killed hishis own father, and then tried to hide it, having committed arson. This character has something in common with Slenderman, because it was he who subdued Toby to his will and made him his servant.

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