Briefly on how to unlock plugins in "Classmates"


Many of us have computer users, andan Internet connection that allows us to solve a lot of problems that we were puzzled with before when computers were not even dreamed of. Now is the age of technology and scientific progress, striving to simplify life and reduce the waste of time for everything, right up to training. But the Internet also does a very important thing for us - it connects us with loved ones who are not around, but we are helped by browsers, social networks and plug-ins that provide a lot of convenient functions. Today we will tell you how to unblock plug-ins in Odnoklassniki.

how to unlock plugins in classmates


Modern browsers are quite largefunctional of possibilities. From viewing pages to watching videos, etc. Every year they improve. They become faster, more convenient, more functional, and require less RAM, which is not so much if you use a computer older than 2010. Every year a completely new version is released, which strikes with its functionality, but sometimes this is not enough for us, why many self-taught programmers or entire companies create their own plug-ins that solve some of the shortcomings of a particular browser.

The word "plugin" is an innovation foryour browser. Plug-ins can be different, from improved video quality (Flash player), to those that are sharpened for a specific site. Nobody thinks it's a secret that there is a plug-in for VKontakte that allows you to download music from the site. Today we will tell you how to unblock plug-ins in Odnoklassniki. This is the object of discontent among many users of social networks.

How to unlock the plug-in on the page in "Classmates"

In the world there are many differentbrowsers. They differ in their innovations, as well as problems with functionality. But most often the question is asked: how to unblock the plugins in "Classmates" in "Chrome", so for an example of this browser and try to tell. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser and immediately click on the vertical ellipsis that is in the far right corner of the browser.
  2. Among the many parameters, find the "Additional Tools", and then the side menu will open. Click on "Extensions".
  3. Excellent, this page has all the extensions installed in your browser. Now activate the necessary extensions for "Classmates" by clicking on the checkmark, and then restart the browser.

how to unlock plug-ins in classmates in chrome

This method is quite effective and will always bewhatever version of browser you use. If you want to add some more features, at the very end of the "Extensions" page there will be a link to the Chrome Web Store, where you can find many interesting plug-ins that make life a little easier. If you installed an extension, and it does not work, and the question of how to unlock plug-ins in "Classmates" again takes place, then do the same as described above. Then he will start working.


how to unlock a plugin on a page in classmates

We hope that we have clearly explained thatis a plug-in and how to unblock plug-ins in "Classmates". Do not forget also that there are programs that can steal your data, so download them only from trusted sources.

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