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A real masterpiece of the game were Arkham Asylum andArkham City, which presented to gamers of Batman in a new form. You get the opportunity to control the superhero using a huge variety of opportunities and techniques. At the same time, the dark style of the narrative is preserved, ideally conveying the atmosphere. The developers decided not to stop there, but not to continue the story, but to release a prequel, which was called "Batman: Chronicle of Arkham." The passage of this part of the series was no less exciting than in the previous episodes - here you will meet and fight with a large number of known villains and their minions. Therefore, you definitely will not be bored, and you can find out where the story began.

The Blackguite Prison and The Penguin Quest

batman chronicle arkham passage

The game begins with the fact that you need to penetrateto the prison of Blackgate. In total there are twelve chapters, to which the entire game "Batman: the chronicle of Arkham" is broken. The passage of each chapter will differ from the others, in some of them you will meet bosses, and in some there will be several. So be prepared for the maximum variety. So, in the first chapter you will need to use your agility and available devices to enter the prison and there to eliminate the bandits, gradually making their way to the roof. That's where your first fight with the boss - Croke the murderer will take place. This mutant, like a crocodile, will purposefully try to kill you, so do not hold back. As soon as you see a barrel in his hands - throw the batrangi into it so that it explodes. Do not get caught in Crock's capture, and then you will successfully overcome it, after which you can decipher the contents of the flash drive found in the prison. After that, you need to go in search of the Penguin. It will not be so easy to do it - first you need to disable one of the towers in the city, then get to the arms dealer whose boss is the Penguin and interrogate him - he will not say anything to you, but you can use his mobile by disabling one more tower . After that, you will need to find two SIM cards that will help you locate the villain. There is a result - the Penguin is on a huge liner, that's where you need to go. There you will be confronted by mobs of bandits and even boss Electroshocker, but you can turn it off from the game almost instantly. But when you get to the office of the Penguin, you have to sweat - the boss himself will not give you any special problems, but his henchmen are quite. When you start interrogating the Penguin, DeFstroke, the most difficult boss in the game, will arrive. With him you will have a long and difficult battle, after which you will try once again to enter the office to the Penguin, but this will not be done. Therefore, content with the information received - it is enough to continue to play the game "Batman: Chronicles of Arkham." Passage, however, is just beginning, and there are many interesting things ahead of you.

Lacey Towers and Police Station

Passage of game Batman chronicle Arkham

The next mission is not too complicated and not toolong - you will need to investigate the murder that occurred in the town of Lacey Towers. It's amazing, but the bandit Black Mask was killed - the one that hired eight thugs to get rid of you - that's such a surprise from the game "Batman: Chronicles of Arkham." The passage a little slows down, and you calmly look for information about who was behind the murder - of course, this is the Joker. Interesting fact - at the time of the action of the game Batman and Joker have never met, so the next mission will suggest you to get information about this person in the police database. To do this, you will need to return to the database, take the destructor, enter the police station, get to the server room and get access to the databases, after which you need to hide from the appeared policemen. Further, the passage of the game "Batman: Chronicle of Arkham" will again begin to gain momentum, there will be many more open fights with a large number of opponents, and most importantly - strong bosses.

Sewerage and Commercial Bank of Gotham

Batman chronicle Arkham passage Enigma

By sewerage, you have to hide fromcops, in parallel fighting with bandits. Not very simple, but doable - the passage of the game "Batman: The Chronicle of Arkham" will more than once present you such difficult tasks. After that, you need to get to the Batcomputer and upload the criminals' database to finally understand who the Joker is. Together with this you will learn about where to look for it - go to the building of a commercial bank and fight there with a large number of opponents. There will be the Joker, and the most interesting is the Black Mask, which did not die, but entered into an alliance with the Joker. When you try to grab the villain, he hides, and you need to go after him in pursuit - all the fun and more fun becomes in the game "Batman: Chronicles of Arkham" passage. Enigma, Anarki and other characters are gradually entering the process, assignments with them become available, and this all delivers incredible pleasure.

Steel Mill and Hotel Gotham City Royal

Batman Chronicle Arkham Blackgate Passage

Following the Joker go to the steel industryplant and explore it - this mission will be one of the most fascinating in "Batman: Chronicles of Arkham." Blackgate, the passage of which has already been described above, is in no way comparable in scope. As a result, you will find both the Joker and the Black Mask, while the latter still turned out to be betrayed by the Joker and now wants to take revenge on him. Well, Batman was poisoned, and he needs to find the antidote, then fight with Mednogolovka, who poisoned him. After the victory you will need to track the sensor signal on another mercenary - Electroshock, through which you will find the Joker in the hotel. Arrange the pursuit of him on the floors, and getting to the top, fight with Baine, who also wants to destroy the Joker. But this is not your goal, so save the villain and transfer it to the police. In the game "Batman: the chronicle of Arkham" the passage of the Hatter and some other characters is secondary, so do not be alarmed that this is not in the article. Now your goal is to go through the story line.

Prison of Blackgate and Bane's Quest

batman chronicle arkham passage hatter

As already mentioned earlier, in the action "Batman: Arkham's Chronicle "The passage of Defroster is one of the most difficult moments, but the final battle with Bein will be no less difficult." So far you are offered to play for the Joker in his nightmares, which he sees in the process of treatment in a psychiatric clinic, as well as Batman's nightmares. you again need to return to the real world and go in search of Bane.To do this you will need to enter the morgue and scan the body of one of the mercenaries - so you will learn about the vein that makes Bain and his minions much stronger.

Bridge of Pioneers and Prison of Blackgate

The Joker in Prison, and now you have other worries -for example, bombs, which throughout the city laid the Firefly. Inform them about the police and go to their search and mine. One of them will be in the boiler room, the other in the opera house, and two more - on the bridge supports. When all the bombs are neutralized, fight with the Firefly itself, after which you will need to save Alfred from the wreckage. Then you will find out that the Joker captured Blackgate Prison. Go there, fight your way, after which you will have a difficult fight with Bane for speed - he has a cardiac sensor, and if Bane lives more than five minutes, the Joker will die. Batman, of course, does not want this - he has other goals, so he needs to fight with Bane, simulate his death, and then revive him. This will be followed by another battle with Venom Bein, which will be unrealistically difficult to defeat. And then you can already beat the defenseless Joker and again hand him over to the police.

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