Why does not "Maincraft" start? How to start the game


Quite often, players ask about why"Maincraft" does not start or produces various errors. Today we will try to find out what can happen in this case, how to fix the problems that have arisen.

why can not the maincraft start

Lack of Java

The first reason you can haveThe problem is the absence of the so-called Java add-on. It is necessary for proper work with applications and graphics. Of course, the computer in this case itself "tells" why the "Maincraft" does not start, giving you the appropriate error. More precisely, the message when you try to play.

If you see the inscription that there is no Java, thenyou need to install it. Download the required component (usually it is simply copied directly from the issued message and searched), then install it and restart the computer. After that, the problem should disappear.

However, sometimes you just need to reinstallthe very version of Java. To do this, delete the previous one and install a new one from the top. If you receive a message that you can not delete, use the JavaMSIFix utility.

Black screen or wrong display

Another reason why the game does not start"Maincrafter", may be associated with a failure of the video card. In this situation, the player, as a rule, appears "black screen" instead of the game. But it also happens that the toy starts, only with huge failures - the textures and objects are displayed incorrectly. Up to the point that it becomes impossible to play. So the graphics card is another reason why Maincraft does not start. But how to solve it?

do not run maincraft what to do

The first option is to reinstall the driver forvideo card. Download the latest available version from the official website of the manufacturer, then install it on your computer and restart the computer. Try to play in "Meincraft". It should work.

If you do not reinstall the driversrun "MAINKRAFT", what do you do not know, and Java is installed, then, most likely, it's in the video card of your computer. Try changing it. The problem with the black screen will go away by itself. Just do not forget to install the driver on your PC.


Sometimes players can have such a problem,at which the server "Maincraft" does not start. Strictly speaking, it's impossible to play. The game seems to be running, but nothing can be done. How to be in this situation?

There are several variants of the development of events. The first is that your antivirus or firewall for some reason starts blocking the game files. In this case, it's better to disable the anti-virus program and add the game as an exception to the firewall. Restart the computer and try to start again.

The second scenario is less pleasant -you decided to visit the virus. More precisely, the competitors of "Meinkraft" decided to replace the official server with their own. This process you will see on the monitor during the attempt to start. Because of this substitution, the "Maincrafter" does not start. What to do? It is best to completely remove the game, check the computer for viruses, cure it and reinstall the toy on the computer. Everything will have to be earned.

Virus Attack

The most unpleasant reason why"Maincraft" does not start, are viruses. These are not the ones that "send" competitors. This is the simplest deposit, aimed at destroying your operating system. Thus, over time, you may be denied the program and some games. What to do?

the maincraft server does not start

First of all, save all the important data thatyou have. It is better to use an external hard drive - it contains a fairly large amount of information. After that, you should check your computer for viruses. If something is detected, do not rush to immediately delete the infected files. First try to cure them. In cases where this is not possible, send them to "quarantine", then delete. When the process is complete, restart the computer. If everything went well, then it will be cured, and all programs and games will start working properly again.

True, here you need to be prepared for the fact thatafter the treatment, the system can refuse to start at all. Then you will need to reinstall it. In this case, after installing all the drivers, the games and programs will work correctly.


There are a number of useful tips to help you decide why Maincraft does not start. Let's see what can be done to prevent this problem from occurring:

  1. First, make sure thatthere was enough free space on the computer. It is better to have in reserve 2-3 GB of free memory. Quite often, games are not launched just because of a lack of free space.
  2. Download the latest version of JavaScript and install it. After that, restart the computer without fail.
  3. Check the driver for updates in a timely manner. If necessary, reinstall them.

can not start the game maynkraft

In addition, try not to use third-party programs to play "Meincraft." Use only honest methods.

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