How to uninstall the program in Windows 8: the simplest ways


Due to the fact that the interface of the eighth versionWindows operating system, if compared with previous modifications, underwent significant changes (lack of the same button "Start"), access to certain functions by classical methods became impossible. That's why many users can not uninstall the program in Windows 8, without understanding how to get to the desired partition or to call a particular function. But there is a way out. Next, consider several universal methods that allow you to uninstall any application as quickly as possible.

How to uninstall the program in Windows 8: the classic method

This method in all, without exceptionWindows-systems, regardless of version and year of release, is to use a special section of programs and components. But how to uninstall the program in Windows 8, if it is impossible to get to the "Control Panel" due to the lack of the start button menu "Start"?

how to remove program in windows 8

To call the panel itself, you can useMove the cursor to the upper right or lower corner, then press the Parameter button, where "Control Panel" is selected. Similarly, with the support of the multi-touch screen, you can drag your finger from the corner to the center of the screen. At the same time, you can use the search section, where either "Control Panel" or "Programs and Components" is specified.

However, many users underestimateStandard for all key combination systems. For quick access, it's better to immediately call the "Run" console (Win + R), and in the field of the executable program to enter the "Control Panel" enter the command Control.

program removing program

If you want to immediately enter the program section andcomponents, you should write the line appwiz.cpl., select the program, click the delete button, and then you just have to wait for the process to finish.

You can use the command line (cmd),in which the name of the application to be deleted is entered, and a standard uninstall command "/ uninstall" (without quotes) is entered after a space after it. This method is good in that the removal will be done in the background (the user will not see the progress of the process).

Uninstalling programs from the desktop

The question of how to remove a program in Windows 8 can be solved quite simply if the application icon is displayed on the start screen as a tile.

uninstall the program remotely

In this case, it is necessary to perform a PCM on the selected application, in the appeared menu from the bottom select the deletion, and after the system warning confirm its actions.

Using special utilities

However, it is easier to use specialutilities. Consider the application iObit Uninstaller (removes programs of any type and purpose with all remnants, including even system components and uninstallable panels of web browsers).

uninstall program

Everything is simple. In the running application, you need to find the program you want to remove, click the button marked with the cart image, confirm uninstall. You can also use batch deletion, in which several programs are allocated, all of which are uninstalled one at a time.

Immediately after confirmation, the standardRemoval, which can be used either own original uninstaller, or a similar Windows tool. At the end of the process, you need to activate a powerful scan that detects all the remaining components (folders, files and registry entries). Then, all search results are highlighted and deleted, taking into account the file destruction point located in the bottom of the main program window.

How to uninstall the program remotely

Finally, a few words about the remoteuninstallation. Suppose that the user has a computer or laptop with Windows 8 installed, as well as a smartphone with an operating system. What kind of mobile OS is used on the device does not matter. The essence of the problem, how to remove a program in Windows 8 from a mobile device, is to gain access to a fixed operating system.

Windows settings can be used, butthis is not the easiest way (an ordinary user is unlikely to understand how to configure "Remote Desktop"). The easiest way to install both a computer and a mobile device is a special RDP-client (for example, Chrome RDP from Google) and use it. But in this case, the computer with the same name must be present on the computer, and when connecting via the Internet, the computer or laptop must be turned on. Connection to the Internet must also be active.

how to remove program in windows 8

When you connect to a smartphone or tabletThe Windows 8 main screen is displayed on the fixed device. With a mobile device, you can perform the same actions as if the user were working directly on his terminal, including removing programs.


Problems associated with uninstalling programs in thethe eighth version of Windows, are solved quite simply. It should be noted that combinations of "hot" keys are best suited for quick access to the tools of the system, but if you need the most complete removal of applications, including the remaining computer garbage, it is better to use third-party utilities-uninstallers.

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