Option button on the Mac and other pitfalls of the Apple keyboard


Historically, in the world of technologythere are two main desktop operating systems that, having much in common, differ in different details. They also need to be considered when choosing a particular system.

Apple computers are less popular, so theirFeatures are fairly considered incomprehensible and strange. One of the most difficult aspects is working with the keyboard. Each user who first opened the cover of the new MacBook, after a long and happy life on Windows, encounters the fact that the standard text input tool does not work the way it does in Windows.

There are questions that are already at the first stageacquaintances with the new system make you nervous and in a hurry to read the instructions on working with a computer or torment Google with popular queries, for example: "How to change the layout in macOS?"; "What does the Option button on the Mac look like?" In this article, the reader will find answers to all his questions and learn about all the features of the "apple" keyboard.

Option button on the Mac

Keys-modifiers ("binds", key combinations)

At a time when there were no displays,responsive touch, and touch panels like TouchBar, for quick interaction with certain elements of the interface used "hot" keys and their combinations.

Just like in Windows, the Mac usesstandard commands like: "paste", "copy", "open a new tab." Only to activate them, instead of the usual Control you use the Command button, with which you control your computer. In the network, instead of the full names of the keys, their symbolic designations are used:





Works like a "Start" button on the PC, but also takes over the functionality of the Control button


Works just like on PC


Allows you to activate additional features or show alternative information about the system



Supplements user shortcuts and commands

Caps Lock

In addition to its basic functionality (automatic uppercase letters), it can work as a modifier key if you install the appropriate software

Where the Option button on the Mac

Option key on the Mac keyboard: basic functions

In short, the Option key is not whatOther than the Alt, which we are all used to on computers running the system from Microsoft. Apparently, the name was changed to not be like the brainchild of Bill Gates. Moreover, on the standard Russian layout, it is called that way, but the Option name is completely absent, which deceives many users.

First, you need to find out where the Option buttonon the Mac is located. In this matter, it is worthwhile to be guided by engraving with the corresponding symbol. The Option key opens a number of alternative functions, for example:

  • Holding down the Option key and hovering over one of the menu items, you can get additional information about connecting the Internet, components, sound sources and so on.
  • Function keys F1-F12 can be references in the settings menu, if you hold down the Option key while pressing them.
  • Also in the manner of Windows, using the Option button, you can enter alternative characters (long dashes or "herringbone" quotes).
    What does the Option button on the Mac look like?

Keyboard layout

Another important problem with whichfacing inexperienced users, going to the Mac (Option button does not count) - keyboard layout. The fact is that by default, Apple computers use a layout, referred to as "Russian typing". It happened not accidentally, because in the typewriters punctuation marks were taken out to the upper part, so that the mechanism does not get stuck, when at fast printing hooks cling to each other. In the modern world, such tricks are obviously superfluous, so this layout seems to be a rudiment and archaism, which must be corrected.

To do this you need:

  • go to system settings;
  • select the submenu "Keyboard";
  • further - the subpoint "Sources of input";
  • here replace the selected layout with "Russian PC". Now all the keys work exactly the same as on Windows, although engraving does not match that.

It's important not to be afraid to experiment. Holding down the Option key, you can achieve completely different results, performing the previous tasks. For example, close all tabs at once with one click or increase the font of typed text.

Option button on Mac keyboard

Switching the layout

Another habit with which it is very difficultfight, moving to the "Macintosh", - a combination of the keys Shft + Alt and Shift + Ctrl to change the language of the input text. Unfortunately, Apple is against using two modifier keys at the same time in the same combination, so you can not assign the same combination to change the language. The problem can be solved by using the utility Punto Switcher from "Yandex", which ignores the system prohibitions and allows you to assign any keyboard shortcuts for changing the language.

Instead of concluding

In general, it is worthwhile to understand that, in spite ofall the delights of the world of Apple, even here one can not avoid certain difficulties, even though they arise because of our own habits. Someone probably will not or will not be able to overcome himself, because of what again he will return to the old kind PC. And if the enthusiasm does not go away, it will soon become clear that all these changes are only beneficial: the key combination is more logical, and the Option button on the Mac is much more advanced and functional than its analog on Windows.

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