The problem of heating: the temperature of the hard drive


Active advertising of their products from outsidemanufacturers of cooling systems for the main components of a personal computer has done its job: even now the student knows that the CPU and the chip of a powerful video card are hot during operation.

hard disk temperature
Basic knowledge of electrical engineering is quite enough,to understand the relationship of frequency, current and heat dissipation. The more transistors in the chip, the higher the level of its heating, as a rule. Consequently, it is impossible to do without active cooling. Here and there are "clever" design heatsink, fan blades developers intricately bent, changing their location and number, and the heat pipe does not use just lazy manufacturer.

But if this does not arise, then whyis the temperature of the hard drive growing? After all, its microcircuits do not have millions of transistors. There are completely different processes: the high speed of rotation of magnetic disks, the heat-generating engine, the hermetic construction and the frame of the reading heads, which affects the air flow - these are the main reasons that cause the temperature of the hard disk to increase. Here it is important to specify that not always its increase indicates any malfunctions.

Hard disk temperature in runningcomputer can not help but increase - this is normal, even inevitable. The exception is practically cold models with solid-state memory, but so far they have not received mass distribution due to the unreasonably high cost of each gigabyte of available capacity.

hard drive working temperature
To find out what is the operating temperature of a harddisk, you need a program that can read data from the built-in thermal sensor of the hard drive. There are a lot of such applications: AIDA64, HD Sentinel, Crystal Disk-Info, etc. For example, to determine the temperature of the hard disk with the help of "Aida", it is necessary to proceed after the program start on the path "Computer - Sensors". The temperature list will show the hard disk readings.

Now several features:

- the measurement should be performed after half an hour after turning on the computer - during this time the device will enter the steady mode;

- it is obvious that in the hot season the heating will be higher;

- the more intensively the disk is used, the more heat it allocates, therefore, in order to find the peak value, you should start defragmenting or scanning the files with antivirus for 15-20 minutes.

normal hard disk temperature
Thus, to determine the heating level, it is necessary to load the disk for a while and use the selected program to read the data of the temperature sensor.

The following question is logical: "What should be the normal temperature of the hard drive"? It is recommended not to reinvent the wheel, but to go to the manufacturer's website (for example, Seagate, WD), choose your model and read the specifications. As a rule, the permissible level of heating is indicated there. Accordingly, it is not recommended to exceed it.

In most cases, heating up to 40-45 degreesis admissible. If the growth continues above 50, then you should install an additional blow to the device. Note that sometimes excessive heating indicates a malfunction of the disk's mechanics.

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