How to build a chart in Excel? Step-by-step instruction for beginners


Today, Microsoft Office is aOne of the most powerful, modern, convenient and multifunctional complexes, which enjoys well-deserved popularity not only in large enterprises and institutions, but also ideal for home use. Working with various components of this package, you can create simple notes and text documents, as well as powerful databases, adapted to specific tasks and goals.

Microsoft Excel is one of the programs included in thea package of basic office programs and positioning itself as a spreadsheet editor. In fact, Excel is a powerful tool that allows you to work not only with the basic functions included in the package, but with macros - specially programmed algorithms that start working in the case of sheet or book activation, highlighting or changing the cell, pressing the corresponding key and m.

One of the simplest and most intuitiveExcel work possibilities - drawing graphic illustrations to the appropriate range of the spreadsheet. How to make a chart in Excel? The most simple and understandable way that both beginners and professionals use is the Chart Wizard. It is not difficult to find this wizard: it is located in the standard toolbar and has an icon that shows a bar chart. In addition, the Chart Wizard can be found through the "Insert" submenu (Excel, version 2003) by selecting the corresponding icon.

After you run the Chart Wizard,It's easy to build a graph of a function in Excel! First you need to select the type of chart that you need. Telling how to build a chart in Excel, it is important to pay attention that you need to select this type of chart in the Wizard, and then click the "Next" button, proceeding to the next step.

The second step allows you to select a range of cells,which will be used when plotting the graph. However, before plotting in Excel, it is important to designate the axes and sign the corresponding line values, which are called Rows in the Chart Wizard. After you have finished entering all the data about the future chart, you must press the "Next" key, once again proceeding to the next step.

The third step in the process of creating a chartallows you to transform the appearance of the future graphical display of data. How to build a graph in Excel with a legend, with a grid of values ​​and with a data table? It's very simple: you need to specify all necessary information about the future diagram at this stage, switching between individual tabs.

At the final fourth stage of Exceloffers to choose where the created diagram will be located: on a separate sheet or on an existing one (not necessarily on where the chart was started). Completion of the diagram is done after pressing the "Finish" key.

In conclusion, we note that the resulting diagramYou can always change it by selecting the chart on the sheet and selecting the Chart Wizard. In this case, the parameters that you selected initially when creating a graphical display of the data will be indicated in the wizard. You can change them the way you need.

Considering the appearance of the obtained graph,It is worth noting that you can make all the necessary changes to the resulting diagram by selecting the graph twice. At the same time, the window "Format of the chart area" opens in the box, where you can make all necessary changes.

So, it is obvious that the answer to the question "Howto build a graph in Excel? "is simple and understandable to the user with any level of computer literacy. Microsoft Excel is a unique spreadsheet editor that allows even a beginner to use a very powerful data processing tool.

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