Extension of a text file: types and main aspects of determining the affiliation of programs


With text files (documents) wewe collide almost every day. However, in this issue, you should not confuse the extension of a text file and the text data format, these are different things. Let's try to decide what files of this type represent, and what they are.

Extension of a text file: what is it?

To begin with, as a rule, the majorityfiles of this type have an extension in the form of three letters after the separator (point). The easiest and most common type is files with the extension .txt, which are opened on the same Windows systems using the standard Notepad.

extension of a text file

However, despite the generally accepted rules,extensions of text documents can contain not three letters, but more (their number can reach twelve, but not more), for example, e-book files .djvu. In addition, the expansion may include numbers.

What gives us an examination of the classificationtext file (document) in terms of their identification? And the fact that one look allows you to instantly solve an important question: what extension have text files, such is the program, which they compared for opening or editing. Here in many cases it is almost always possible to determine the initial application in which such a file was created.

what extension have text files

However, do not forget that today you canmeet a fairly large number of files with the same extensions, but created in other applications or mapped to different programs. It would seem that a regular file with the extension .doc (.docx) initially corresponds to the text editor Microsoft Word. But you can open it or save it in this form in another word processor, even on "apple" computers. This can also include, and so to speak, a mixed type - files of the .pdf format, containing not only text, but also graphics. But even Word documents can contain inserted images.

This is the indicator thatthe extension of the text file indicates the universality of the format itself, which is the most "readable" regardless, even from the operating system used. The same goes for text editors of any type.

Types of file extension: text

In general, for today we know such a huge number of text formats and their extensions, that, probably, almost no expert will take to calculate their total number.

types of file extension text

Yes, of course, the universality of such documents is notIt is doubtful, especially if they use the simplest ASCII encoding. But sometimes the problem can be that not every encoding is supported by a specific system or program. That's why on the screen instead of the usual letters appears a set of symbols.

As for the varieties of text files,them all and not enumerate. The most common are: .txt, .doc, .tex, .text, .pdf, .log, .apt, .ttf, .err, .sub, .djvu, .odt, .rtf and many others. This list can be continued indefinitely.

What is most interesting, many files of this type inthe system has a different role. For example, in addition to the usual .sub subtitle file, a normal text document .txt can respond to them when opening a video, and in this respect many formats are interchangeable.

extension of text documents

Note, even executable files can havetext as the content. The simplest example is the .bat file created in the usual "Notepad" and containing the text in the form of a set of commands. At startup, commands are executed, and the "Open with ..." menu is used to edit, if initially another process is not associated with this process.

extension of a text file

A similar situation is observed with documents,using markup or programming languages, say, .html, .htm, .xml, etc. files. Even web pages can be opened in many editors initially as text files containing third-party elements.

Modifying Text File Extensions

As for changing the expansion, sometimes itsyou can change, for example, .txt to .doc and vice versa. The Word editor will open any type. The same applies to the .txt - .bat pair when opened in Notepad. But in other cases it is better not to make such manipulations, it simply will not lead to anything, and another application can not open the renamed file. The format change will have to be done with the help of special converter programs.

Instead of an afterword

As you can see, the extension of a text filecan have many variations, depending on which program the document was created in. But, as well as in other cases, by the extension itself, it is almost always possible to determine the initially associated application, at the very least to open any other program that supports working with this type of data, even if the original application on the computer is missing. And as it is already clear, it is text files, in fact, that are the most widespread and universal in the computer world, regardless of the software packages and operating systems used.

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