"Stalker: The War of Groupings." And which side will you choose?


In 2007, Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl "became a cult toy and conquered the hearts of millions of players. Ukrainian developers managed to create something original, exciting and frightening. The prequel "Clear Sky" appeared the following year and also made an impression, especially on those who really loved the game.

War of groupings

The history of the second series of games begins with the fact thatstalkers fall into the center of the Zone, where the release occurs. Everything around is changing dramatically, safe areas are becoming traps, and many are dying. Other places, on the contrary, become free from anomalies, which means they are suitable for research. Stalkers unite in groupings, and the war for uncharted zones begins.

stalker war groupings

The second part tells about a mercenaryScar, who survives after several discharges and is in the "Clear Sky" detachment. The history of this group is fascinating, and, of course, there is no sense in spoiling. Better get acquainted with the fashion "Stalker: The War of Groupings."


It's no secret that many players love the game"Stalker". Mod "War of groupings" has become proof of how much gamers need continuations or additions to the main series. This element of gameplay appeared in 2010, now it is freely available on the Internet.

We already know what the second part tells aboutgame "Stalker: Clear Sky." The war of factions quickly flares up and takes on a destructive character. To again not touch the storyline, let's talk directly about the gameplay.

the freedom of action

"Stalker: The war of groupings "represents the gamer nine organizations on whose side you can fight. Before making a choice, all available information, in particular, force, should be studied. This includes all the resources determined by the ammunition, the number of captured territories and free detachments.

stalker clear sky war groupings

It is necessary to help your allies all the time. You can go in search of ammunition, weapons and ammunition. You can carry out special assignments of the commander, for example, to reach a certain point and deliver the cargo there. If you like an active game, you can go to "clean" points from the fighters of other organizations, or grab and hold zones. All this will help preserve the position of the union group.


The project "Stalker: The war of groupings "prepared a rather complex system of ranks and ratings. If you decide to raise a reputation in your association, remember that in another your "credit of trust" is very low. To earn respect in your group, you need to perform quests that will help improve the relations of members of the organization. If you killed one of the members of a hostile association, you will get a reputation of "terrible" that will forever close your door to this grouping.

Already at the beginning of the game, you remain neutral toClean Skies, Mercenaries, Stalkers, Bandits, Debts and Freedom. The other factions have your status "hostile". When choosing a successful allied party, you have more chances for successful cooperation with traders who have everything you need.

stalker fashion war groupings

To immediately get to the "Bandits", you need to performspecial task. After completing the main quest, you immediately fall into three orders. If you have earned a sufficiently high reputation, you can safely go to the commander of the desired group and negotiate with him on joining. Next, the hero gets equipment, each organization is different, and the main events begin.


According to the plot of "Clear Sky", "Stalker: The war of groupings "involves joining various organizations. This gameplay allows you to move from one grouping to another. But it's not so easy to do it. We need to start with the "Clear Sky", then go on to "Debt" - "Stalkers" - "Freedom" and "Bandits". Only in this order you will not break relations with the factions.

By the way, for the game "Stalker: Clear Sky "(" War of Groupings ") fashion were created more than once. There is an addition, in which you become the leader of one of the organizations. Thus, you will not only need to carry out quests, but monitor your subordinates, resources, and crooks.

stalker clear sky war groupings fashion


Fashion "Stalker: War of groupings "has many nuances and details about which the gamer learns already in the game. It is important to understand that there will not be mass scenes of massacres and murders. In the game, there never were huge factions or armies. The main task of the player, no matter what group he is in, is to keep his points and to win hostile ones in order to expand the territory of the allied possessions. If there will be large-scale skirmishes, then the maximum number of players is 10 x 10.

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