Acer gaming notebooks: competitiveness and power


Acer in the world market for more than 40 years. She is one of the leaders in the production of PCs and electronics. In addition, the company creates excellent monitors, communicators, disk drives, RAM and, of course, laptops.


As you know, laptops are different. Someone lacks the usual model, which is great for surfing the Internet and working with documents. There are also more advanced devices that can handle heavy tasks. But now the most popular are gaming laptops. Acer, of course, does not "graze the back". In recent years, he has released powerful gaming devices that compete with Asus and Dell.

gaming notebook acer

The company has created several series for gamers. Virtually all Acer gaming notebooks belong to the Predator line-up. Taiwanese company over the past couple of years has released several excellent models, which became the top of sales and conquered the hearts of gamers.


Until early 2015, the company has almost nothere were models for gamers. Each device, which had powerful characteristics, usually belonged to a multimedia device. The first to become gaming notebooks Acer V3 from the Aspire line.

This model was popular in 2013. Then this laptop could be called the most powerful Taiwanese company. Interestingly, inside it is mobile graphics NVIDIA. As a result, such indicators are not at all game, but nevertheless among all models of that time this device outruns its counterparts by the number of FPS in the game.

gaming notebooks acer v3

The laptop has a 17-inch screen, which is very nicefor the players. Outwardly, it is no different from the usual user devices for work and office. He has a regular keyboard without any "buns" for gamers. Inside is Intel Core i5-6200U. The graphics are answered by NVIDIA GeForce 940M. The video card has 2 GB. RAM here is 8 GB, which for 2013 is a fairly good indicator. Although now in gaming laptops, both 16 and 32 GB are used.

The Acer Aspire V3 is more like an attemptto create a gaming device. Due to the fact that a couple of years ago there were no such powerful video cards and processors, perhaps this model also resembled a game. Now this laptop would not pull the latest games at maximum settings, although it still remains a good multimedia device.

Second attempt

The second attempt was the gaming laptop Acer Aspire V17 Nitro. Despite the fact that this model is in principle suitable for games, formally this laptop is also far from the classical gaming device.

The fact is that the manufacturers of gaming deviceshave long been introduced to the market a few trends on which we can confidently say that we have a laptop for gamers. Usually they develop a system for controlling keyboard keys, make a special color design, highlighting certain buttons. Also working on the cooling system.

The Acer Aspire V17 Nitro does not have all these chips. It boasts only one-color illumination of the keys. Although he also has one nice feature: he has a good technology that cleans coolers on his own.

gaming laptop acer aspire

It is also known thatthe appearance of gaming laptops. The Acer Aspire V17 Nitro design got unremarkable, though pretty pretty. It's light, despite the screen is 17.3 inches, and thin. Inside it there was Intel Core i7-4710HQ, the presence of which already in principle hints at the fact that the device pulls almost all modern games. The graphics are answered by NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M. This is a good graphics card with 2 GB of memory.

In addition, the internal SSHD is set to 1 TB,a lot of different modules and buns, which in principle do not affect the game. Of course, it's hard to call this model completely gaming, but the device really turned out to be high-quality and powerful.


But in early 2016 the company released morea successful gaming laptop. In general, the line, which includes gaming notebooks Acer Predator, on the whole all turned out to be successful. And I'm glad that the first pancake was not a lump.

A year later Acer Aspire V17 Nitro, of course, notcould already compete with new devices. But with the release of Acer Predator 15 it became clear that the company seriously decided to do game devices. The first thing that catches your eye is the appearance. A huge number of highlights, highlighted by other key colors, and on the back cover the emblem flashes.

The island type keyboard has a digital blockand, although the display here is only 15.6 inches, all keys are placed quite freely and conveniently. Next to the touchpad is a button that turns it off. Like any gaming device, this model has a powerful cooling system.

gaming laptops acer predator

The laptop has an integrated Intel Core i7-6700HQSkylake. Two graphics cards are responsible for the graphics: Intel HD Graphics 530 + NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M. The video card has 3 GB of memory. RAM - 3GB. Inside also there is one HDD type SSD on 128 GB, and also HDD on 1 terabyte.


As mentioned earlier, Acer gaming notebookscome out in one line of Predator. They are all very popular and quality. At the end of 2016, another "predatory" model appeared, which became much better than the previous model. It also received an update of technical specifications and is now one of the best models not only among the Taiwan company's laptops, but also in the gamer device market in general.

The gaming laptop Acer Predator 17 X becamean improved version of Acer Predator 17. Outwardly they are similar to each other. The only thing is that there are noticeable changes in the size due to the enlarged screen - 17.3 inches. There is also a classic island-type keyboard with backlighting and a separate digital unit.

Inside the processor Intel Core i7-6820HK. One of the latest video cards on the market, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980, is responsible for the graphics. There is enough operative memory with a total of 32 GB. Surprised by the presence of as many as 3 data storage systems. Two SSDs of 256 GB and one HDD for 1 TB. The speed of information exchange is very fast.

gaming laptop acer predator 17

Also inside there are three coolers. The two main ones are arranged as usual, according to the classical design - on the left and on the right of the case. And the third one can be found only when you reach the insides of the hull and raise the motherboard. In this model, the cooling system has been thoroughly worked, since all that is inside, necessarily require cold air.

It's hard to say anything about this laptop, because among others it is an ideal model that will appeal to every gamer both due to its appearance and due to technical characteristics.

The result

The company Acer, albeit beginning one of the lastwork on gaming devices, still only a couple of years has achieved that its devices are now one of the most popular on the market. Ruler Predator with every year and with every model is getting better. Developers take into account every desire of a gamer, improve their product to become an unconditional leader.

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