Wedding hairstyles for short hair with bangs (photo)


Although long hair never goes out of fashion,at the moment they are less common on the streets, and girls choose shorter haircuts. For short length it is convenient to take care of, and the styling sometimes amazes with its originality and creativity, and suitable for any event in life and daily wear.

wedding hairstyles for short hair with bangs

Often creative fashionable women choose weddinghairstyles for short hair with bangs, because they are made incredibly easy, but they look cute and modern, the main thing is to choose the right accessory and try to make the packing neat. Short strands are also convenient because you can make your hair on your own without the help of a hairdresser.

Hairstyle by type of face

Start thinking about what will be on your headat the bride, it is necessary after the wedding dress is bought. A few weeks before the significant date, you should decide on the styling option and what kind of accessory will be on your head. In this case, you should consider what your face shape and condition of hair.

There are 5 main types of face:

  • oval;
  • elongated;
  • square;
  • a circle;
  • trapeze.

Among them, the ideal oval shape.It is an oval - this is a form that absolutely any hairstyle and haircut is suitable for. With this form, hair can be laid in any way, using wreaths, rims, satin ribbon, bandages or a single flower. If the strands reach the shoulders, you can make the volume on the crown and twist the ends slightly, without turning the head into a ball.

wedding hairstyles for short hair with bangs

Wedding hairstyles for short hair with bangsfor an elongated face should visually expand the shape, so they can be slightly twisted and fluffed in the middle part. The presence of a bang is highly desirable, because it also plays the role of rounding off sharp corners. Girls with a narrow face should give up too short haircuts that will emphasize this. It is better to make graduated quads and different layered hairstyles to the shoulders.

For a square shape, shorthaircuts, but the level of hair in them should not be flush with the chin, either higher or lower. For the bangs there is a side part and combed hair back. Choosing wedding hairstyles for short hair, photos from past weddings are recommended to see, they will help determine the choice. Cut the bean with an elongation better, as well as asymmetrical haircuts with bangs.

Hairstyle should be chosen so that slightlypull out a round face. To do this, fit with the volume with the volume on the crown, wavy hair in retro style, side parting, long front strands, smooth hair. On the sides there should be no volume, which will round the face even more.

For the trapezoid shape, the same options as for the square one are suitable, and you can safely release the lateral strands near the cheeks.

Hairstyles depending on haircuts

If the bride wears a square, then such wedding hairstyles for a short hair with a bangs will suit her:

  • You can use additional strands;
  • large curls;
  • hairstyle in retro style;
  • babette.

wedding hairstyles for short hair photo
A haircut is not much different from a square. The main difference is that the bean is characterized by a grading and it looks more voluminous. For those who have this haircut, these hairstyles will suit:

  • You can play with parting (oblique, zigzag, straight or wave);
  • hairstyle in the style of cabaret;
  • use naches, such as pompadour;
  • small curls;
  • Straight hair using tape or rim, especially well looks hairstyle, if the bride's bangs are thick and straight.

From the haircut of ganson, you get excellent wedding hairstyles for short hair without bangs:

  • You can make retro curls;
  • on the top of the head.

Trendy hairstyle pixy is the mostshort and torn. Suitable for girls who have a perfect face oval, because with such a haircut the emphasis is on it. But even the shortest haircut makes a woman feminine, and if you successfully lay her and use accessories, you can achieve a stunning effect:

  • With the help of wax, you can make feathers - small strands of hair that protrude in all directions;
  • Smooth hair with a beam imitation on the back of the head.

What tools are needed for styling

Even with the shortest strands, you can come up with excellent wedding hairstyles for short hair with a bang. Photos of various ideas will be a kind of cheat sheet for your styling.

wedding hairstyles for short hair with a bang photo with a veil

What tools are needed:

  • accessories that will be used in the hairstyle;
  • Round hairbrush;
  • mousse, wax, foam, varnish, preferably of good quality;
  • hairdryer and hairdryer;
  • a crest with small and frequent teeth;
  • hairpins, invisible or hairpins, if they are to be used.

If you decide that wedding hairstyles onshort hair with a bang for you is not difficult to perform and you can independently cope with the styling, then for 2-3 weeks it is necessary to try several times to do the hair from beginning to end. Then on the day of the wedding, you can quickly bring your head in order and not be afraid that something will go wrong.

Using veils

A traditional but optional accessory for eachThe bride is a veil. The girl herself chooses whether she needs, whether it is suitable for her image or not, it will be beautiful to look at the hair. Often the bride refuses veils and uses beautiful wedding hairpins, veils and bandages; in this season, brides with wreaths appeared, and often single flowers are inserted into the hair. If you correctly design any of the listed options will look relevant.

wedding hairstyles for short hair without bangs

Often, making wedding hairstyles for shorthair with a bang, photo with a veil after the wedding, the girls put on social networks. The trend of the season is also fresh flowers, which complement the wedding image. And it does not matter what they will be: large, small, single, on a branch or a wreath.

False curls

Quite an interesting version of the hairstyle, whichYou can do it yourself in a short time. Short hair curl on the forceps or with the help of hair curlers, then form curls from them. In order to hide that they are short, in the locks insert different accessories: large beads, hairpins, hairpins. Behind the hair is collected in a bun, add a chignon and cover it all with a veil. Also, under the veil, you can pin a cascade of accreted hair.

Using diadems

Brides choose different wedding hairstyles forshort hair with bangs. Photos of the finished works surprise and amaze with their diversity. But in order to feel like a queen on one of the most important holidays in life, it is necessary to use on your head relevant accessories, for example, a diadem.

wedding hairstyles for short hair with a bang photo with a veil

The diadem assumes that no other hairpins will be used, only a veil is possible in a pair.

Beauty conquers the world

All the girls are so different, but each of themis beautiful. It does not matter what bride's physique or color, and how long her hair is. Well-designed wedding hairstyles for short hair with a bang can make any girl a queen.

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