Strengthening the biogel of natural nails: reviews


Nowadays, few can boast of healthy and strong nails. Problems with fragility, delamination are familiar to many.

Strengthening the biogel of natural nails isThe procedure that allows not only to align and strengthen the nail plate, but also to increase the period of wearing the decorative coating, and the way to avoid chipping the material after the build-up. In some brands camouflage products of the biogel line are provided.

Almost all companies that produce gel-varnishes,produce biogels (or biobase). Of course, the quality of all is different. But the masters have favorite brands, tested for years. Two of them will be discussed. The most famous and high-quality in Russia are the "Formula Profi" and "Cody" brands.

What materials can you strengthen your nails

There are several ways to strengthen the nails, and everything can be divided into three categories: acrylic strengthening, strengthening biogel and using fiberglass with glue.

The master applies a gel

In those early times, when it was not yetnail extensions, for the restoration of the nail plate used silk, which was glued to the site of the nail. Now this technology is supplemented with biogel, which is used instead of glue.

If you need to lengthen the nail a bit, you canto make acrylic strengthening. In this case silk slightly protrudes behind the bed of the nail, forming a free edge. On the base is laid a cut piece of cloth, from above another layer of the base is applied and polymerized. The dispersion is applied with acrylic powder and again polymerizes. Nail is filed and covered with top gel or gel-varnish according to the usual technology.

But the easiest way to use biogel for strengthening natural nails.

What is biogel?

Some do not see a big difference betweengel-varnish and biogel. Indeed, the color coatings for these materials do not visually differ. That is, it is impossible to determine in appearance what material was used. This is different from the build-up of gel and acrylic.

First of all, the biogel has a rubber base andtherefore it is more elastic. The nail experiences many mechanical effects when working at home, in the garden, in the office. And the harder the artificial coating, the more likely the occurrence of cracks and chips at the free edge. Biogel repeats all the movements of the nail and therefore does not break, but bends.

Biogel coat covering

The weakened nails are too flexible and soft toto withstand gel-varnish for a long time. Three to four days later, microcracks appear on the free edge, followed by detachment of the material and chips. Even if the master did everything well and correctly, on such nails the gel-lacquer will not be worn.

What to do? Many used to choose building. Of course, this is a very hard material. Nails will not bend and, as a consequence, will be worn for a long time. But there was another way: strengthening biogel.

Technologies "Formula Profi" and "Cody" are slightly different. Let us consider them in more detail.

Strengthening nails biogel Royal French from the "Formula Profi"

The biomaterial system consists of a corrector-base (color or camouflage), a gel-paint "Bio French" and a topcoat with a sticky layer of "Bio Top".

Procedure for strengthening the nails with biogel "Formula Profi":

  1. After giving the desired shape to the free edge, the nail surface is treated with a buff until matt.
  2. The degreaser is applied on an alcohol basis "Profi Prep".
  3. On the butt the nail is treated with the "Profi Bond" primer.
  4. The corrective base is applied for the selected color. The polymerization is 1.5-2 minutes. If the nail plate is very thin, the operation is repeated.
  5. The smile "Bio French" is drawn. The polymerization is 1.5-2 minutes.
  6. Apply "Bio Top". The polymerization is 1-1.5 minutes, after which the dispersion layer is removed.
Biogel from Formula Pros for strengthening nails

It turns out the French manicure. If you do not want to do it, you can use any gel-varnish instead of "Bio French". After its polymerization is applied "Bio Top". Such a coating will last for a long time.

Biogel Nail Flex from "Formula Profi"

If you need not only to strengthen, but also to extendyou need another biogel. It often happens that only one nail breaks. In order not to make the build-up, which then will be difficult to remove, the soluble materials of the Nail Flex system will help to solve the problem. Increase the extreme length will not work, but salon modeling can be done. This increase in the length of the free edge to two thirds of the nail bed.

The order of operations:

  1. Standard preparation of nails for building up (gloss removal, degreasing "Profi Prep", priming on the tip of the free edge "Profi Bond").
  2. Setting of paper forms.
  3. Biogel Flesh Color is a substrate. The gel goes a little on the nail. Polymerization of 1-2 minutes.
  4. The dispersion is removed, the shape is removed and the substrate is filed.
  5. The Nail Flex base is applied to the entire nail. Polymerization of 1-2 minutes.
  6. Formation of the structure with a camouflaging biogel. Polymerization of 1-2 minutes.
  7. The dispersion is removed. The nail is drilled. Grinded.
  8. A white biogel Nail Flex draws a white tip. Polymerization of 1-2 minutes.
  9. Top-gel Nail Flex is fixed work. Polymerization 2-3 minutes.

Such a strengthening of biogel will allow you to grow your nails and then use gel-varnishes.

How to strengthen nails biogel "Cody"

This biogel can be used to build up orstrengthen the nails. It would be a mistake to think that the biogel "Cody" replaces the base, as the firm "Formula Profi." In this system, the base is mandatory. The biogel layer is applied to it.

The rubber base for gel-lacquer Cody

Procedure for strengthening the nail plate:

  1. With the prepared nails, the luster of the buff is removed, after which they are thoroughly degreased.
  2. An acid-free primer is applied to the nails. It must dry.
  3. The Rubber Base is applied and polymerized. For a UV lamp, it's 2 minutes, and for a LED lamp it's 30 seconds.
  4. On the brush number 4, a drop of biogel from the jar is collected and distributed over the nail. Polymerization is 1 minute.
  5. You can apply any color gel-varnish in two layers with drying.
  6. Apply the finishing gel (top "Cody") and polymerize 2 minutes.

Technologists advise at home strengthening of nails a biogel under gel-varnish a little other order:

  1. Remove the gloss from the nails and degrease them.
  2. Apply an acid-free primer to the entire nail plate.
  3. Application of biogel to the nail with rubbing movements with an extremely thin layer, polymerization.
  4. Applying a drop of biogel to the middle of the nail andits distribution throughout the plate. After this, turn the nail, so that the biogel forms a flat drop. It's about a minute. At this time, the butt is sealed. Polymerization in a lamp.
  5. Application of gel-varnish in two layers, polymerization.
  6. Top-gel application, polymerization.
  7. Dispersion.
Biogel can be applied gel-varnish

Nail extensions with biogel "Cody"

To extend the nails biogel "Cody", you need to prepare them.

  1. Remove gloss and degrease.
  2. Apply an acid-free primer, then a bonder.
  3. Base application, polymerization.
  4. Form statement.
  5. Application of biogel to the desired length on the whole nail plate. Polymerization.
  6. Application of the second layer, the formation of the structure by turning the hand. Polymerization.
  7. Dispersion and adjustment by filing.
  8. Finish coating, polymerization.
  9. Dispersion.

This buildup is done with allergies to gel or acrylic.

Biogel reinforcement: reviews

Both bases are very praised by both masters and amateurs. Apply both with the primer, and without the primer - the result is good. The base-proofreader has several camouflages, there is even a glitter. It turns out not only therapeutic, but also decorative coating. Base "Cody" loved all the masters, who tested it. Now even some do not use biogel: they make a drop of the base repeatedly - and the gel-lacquer keeps on for a month, allowing its nails to grow.

Biogels for building up both brands were givenhighly appreciated: they are well held, easy to saw, easily removed. Now many masters are making customers strengthen the nails with biogel, but the customers' feedback is enthusiastic.

Strengthening biogel at home


All people are different, and the nail plates, too. After the examination, the master decides what preparation to choose for the decorative gel-lacquer. How to make an extension of the nails. How to grow more naturally the natural length. If you go on time correction, you can avoid many problems, and then you will not have to restore the marigold. They will always please their mistress.

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