Fashion hairstyles for medium hair at home


Hairstyle - an essential attribute of a well-groomedappearance of any woman. The ability to make a styling at home is indispensable in the daily life of the fair sex. Hairstyles are selected according to the shape of the face, way of life, the measure for which they are intended and, of course, the length of the hair. Holders of medium-length strands fit the widest range of haircuts and stitches, which you can create with your own hands, without special skills. Consider the main hairstyles for medium hair at home.

Screwed ends of hair

Hairstyles for medium hair at home
Effective hairstyle that looks the sameit is appropriate for the evening, and in everyday life - this is the twisted ends of the strands. It is necessary to wash the hair with shampoo without using an air conditioner, in order to keep the wrapping for a longer time. Dry them by turning their heads down. This will provide a larger volume at the roots. Using a curling iron (standard or tapered), curl up to about half the length, and then fan them. It is necessary to use specialized means for laying, protecting from high temperatures. Fix the hairstyle with lacquer for strong fixation. Such hairstyles at home on medium hair do easily, but they look good both with loose strands, and with neatly gathered at the back of the head.

Accurately assembled tail

Hairstyle is easy to perform and appropriate for differentsort of events as on the way out, and into the office. The tail is collected from the side, on the back of the head or from above. Smoothly smoothed locks on the side and high tail - an ideal hairstyle for medium hair at home for all occasions. Collect the strands on the back of the head, you can screw them. This solution will make laying easy and at ease. Collected hair in the tail can be braided in a braid or turned into a shovel, wrapping them around the rubber bands and fixing the studs.

Beautiful hairstyles for medium hair
Spike as a kind of hairstyle for medium hair at home

In recent years, the braids are again in fashion, whetherFrench spit, spikelet or the usual pigtail, known to us from a long time ago. For medium hair, those that fully form the hair style will do. Half-loose curls, decorated in a braid, are more suitable for owners of long hair. At the moment, there are many variations of different weaves that are simple enough in their execution and actually look for different events.

Neat chaos

Hairstyles at home on medium hair
Easy thought-out negligence is perfectfor girls with this length of hair. Quite simple in its performance, this kind of hairstyle for medium hair at home won the hearts of many women. Wash the strands with shampoo, without using masks and conditioners, to prolong the fixing effect. Apply hair to the hair for styling or specialized products. To dry curls it is necessary, having lowered a head downwards and compressing bundles in a fist, giving to them that by that natural bends. Wait until they completely dry, otherwise the hair will soon lose its shape. Roots of hair raise above with the help of hands, and at the end, fix the stitch with varnish.

With insignificant practice, beautiful hairstyles for medium hair made at home will look no less stunning than those made in the salons.

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