Powder for oily skin - what you need to know.


Not many people know that the powder came to us fromconnoisseurs of beauty - Egyptians. At that time, separation of people by skin color was very important. Notable personalities must have covered the face with powder, making it whiter. And in the sixteenth century a white complexion was considered a sign of purity and nobility. In the paintings of that time the gentlemen were portrayed with a light, milky complexion, while the faces of their servants were very dark. In the eighteenth century, such a division disappeared, and everyone began to use the powder. In the race for whiteness of the face, powder mixed with egg white and superimposed on the face very thick layer. Then the face mask was considered a sign of delicate taste and luxury.
A lover of Western culture Peter I brought powder to Russia. Then the powder was rice and wheat and it even covered wigs. And in order that it does not crumble on clothes, they wear special cloaks.
But, in our century, girls tend to give the skindark tint, unlike the contemporaries of Peter I. Although it all depends on the natural color of the skin. The choice of powder should be approached very responsibly. All harmful additives can adversely affect the condition of the face, so it's better to fork out and not spare money for your "second skin".
Today in the fashion tanned face. And you can achieve it in all possible ways. One of them is a bronzing powder. From its sisters, it differs only in texture and shades of color. This powder will emphasize your own tan and give extra shine to the skin. In addition to the fact that it perfectly conceals flaws, it still gives the face a pleasant tint. Many girls are not happy with the bronzing powder, referring to its unevenness, but this is only their fault. It's very easy to overdo it, and your face will look like after a poor-quality suntan cream - in stains and divorces. Skilful use of such powder will hide fatigue, will emphasize a light swarthy face shine.

Powder for oily skin: the features of choice and use
Girls with active work of sebaceous glandsespecially difficult when choosing a powder. Powder for oily skin should have a very light texture, so as not to seriously clog the already clogged pores. Therefore, every time you need to use a new clean tampon, or even better - use a brush. But it is better to wash it after each use. Powder for oily skin in no case should not be very long time to be on the face, like other cosmetics. Forgetting to erase makeup in the morning, you can unpleasantly be surprised. The texture of such powder should be crumbly, and not creamy. So you can avoid extra fatty shine. Powder Dior Poudre Libre is perfect for oily skin. Its matting effect allows you to hide all the minor flaws, and the light texture does not complicate the breathing of the skin, and thus gives your pores breathe freely and not clog.
As a rule, before applying the powder, a foundation is applied to the skin.

Powder for oily skin should not assume itsapplication. Because of the poor work of the sebaceous glands, pores secrete too much fat, and applying a foundation can only aggravate the situation. Therefore, before buying a powder, consult a specialist and find out if it has the same toning effect. Tonal powder dior responds to these requests. Its texture and tones and mats the skin at the same time. Friable structure does not allow pores to clog and yours remains as long as possible without unpleasant greasy shine. This is an excellent powder for oily skin.
But, regardless of your choice of powder, and your skin type, a person should always be kept clean and well taken care of. To use powder only in shading, not masking purposes.

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