Meteorites Guerlain


Manufacturers of decorative cosmetics constantlypamper us with novelties - a new mascara with an intricate brush, a foundation with the effect of some new, then veils. Veils are something like powder, only colorless and more often, with the effect of radiance or flicker.

They will not hide obvious skin defects, they will not help withfat T-zone - they are generally not recommended for use in oily skin, they emphasize the enlarged pores and face looks worse than without them ... They are like pampering for good and clean skin.

The manufacturer himself positions the meteorites as the secret of the ideal person, faces from the cover.

What really is thisfar from cheap means. This, as mentioned above, is a veil for the face. It is offered to us in the form of balls, a compact of balls and a simple compact. On the taste and color, as they say. By the way, about the color. In the permanent collection there are three colors - it's classic, pink and beige.

01 Mythic - the classic and the very first historically shade. It is perfect for women with pale skin, making it doll-porcelain. Their radiance is subdued, almost matte.

02 Pink Fresh - as you can guess from the title, these balls with a pink predominant pigment. Meteorite Gerlen of this shade can be used both as a blush, and as a veil proper.

03 Beige Chic - again speaking the name -Beige, golden balls predominate in these meteorites. They are suitable for swarthy beauties, and for fair-skinned girls. It is considered the most universal tone of all.

And every year meteorites from Guerlain are replenished with new limited shades.

The balls with the predominant red pigment, silvery, winter version, bronze meteorites, porcelain and many others have already come out.

Meteorites Gerlen: responses of women. Girls are divided into two large categories in their relation to this product. Some consider meteorites from Gerlen as a waste of money and prefer more democratic analogues - good, there are a lot of them. And others think these balls are magical and their must have. As they note, other veils give a rougher glow, they are not as fine as the meteorites Gerlen.

Note also the fans of balls that facebecomes more sleek and creates even a certain effect of Photoshop. But, sadly, for girls with problem skin they will not work - a miracle will not happen and they will not be able to transform their skin.

However, those who do not have skin problems are worthknow some things. For example, how correctly to apply meteorites Gerlen. Some girls put them on all face - but here it is necessary to be cautious that it did not remind the grated samovar. Bust with any product is bad. I would recommend to put them on the cheekbones - the upper part of them, whiskey, forehead and chin. You can emphasize the nose, having a thin brush on the sinuses of the nose.

The skin should be radiant, but not sparkle.

Many girls do not like the "native" brush, they think it is too soft. However, if the brush is stiffer, it can gain a lot of veil and it will look ugly on the face.

You need to apply them last - when everything is already disguised. If the face does not need a preliminary application of foundation, then apply moisturizing - meteorites can slightly dry the skin.

Do not be afraid if the tone you chose does not fit -you can experiment with the number of balls - if the face is too pink, for example, remove a few pink balls. If you have a reverse problem - there is no effect from the product, then the protective layer has not left the balls and you need to remove it. How to do it - a little shake the package - and it is better to do this several times a day.

Finally, I note that, despite its value - (1500-1800 rubles for a permanent collection), the fans of these magic balls every day more and more.

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