Acne on the neck


Acne on the neck - not a frequent phenomenon. And the fact that they appear much less frequently than, for example, acne on the face, arms, back, pope or legs, does not make them any less unpleasant.

As a rule, from acne on other parts of the bodythey are particularly sickly, and even in one place they can stay for a month. Not many people are capable of sustaining such torture. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the funds that usually help to get rid of acne on other parts of the body are in most cases absolutely powerless in this situation. Therefore, when a person has pimples on his neck, he is ready to do anything to get rid of them.

Causes of appearance

If we talk about teenagers, then for them the problempimples - a thing habitual and natural. They have acne associated with hormonal changes taking place in the body, so they are temporary and you should not worry. But if you have long since left adolescence, then without proper attention these unpleasant symptoms can not be left.

If you have pimples on your neck, the reasons for this may be different.

Most often they appear due to violations inwork of the digestive and endocrine systems. Therefore, if you regularly have pimples on your neck, you should definitely go through the examination. Analyzes will help you to understand the causes of acne and their treatment. Otherwise, there will be no way to get rid of them.

In adults, acne on the neck may appear andbecause of a trivial skin infection. On the human skin, millions of microorganisms live. Even the skin of an absolutely healthy person is covered by a wide variety of microbes. However, the skin of some people from their presence does not suffer, and others - there are inflammations, purulent teenage and white pimples.

It is very desirable for women to consultgynecologist. It may well be, in orgasm there was a hormonal failure. You can not exclude hormonal imbalance, when male sex hormones prevail over female hormones.

From all the above, it is clear that it is not enoughonly one doctor can consult. Only a timely, comprehensive examination and treatment will help you get rid of annoying, painful pimples on your neck.

Be careful, self-medication, taking anymedicines and drugs on the recommendations of friends and acquaintances can bring significant harm to health. Therefore, finding the first pimples on the neck, you should not go to the pharmacy and buy everything that once helped others. Remember: acne can appear for various reasons. How to treat acne on the neck?


Prevention of pimples on the neck with normalcosmetics usually does not produce the desired results. If you do not want to contact a doctor for any reason, the best thing you can do yourself is stick to the basic rules of hygiene.

Do not forget about the timely, daily care forskin. In particular, this applies to ladies leading an active lifestyle: the skin becomes more polluted with increased mobility. If you exercise, the body sweats under stress, and this helps to block the pores and the appearance of acne.

Also you can daily wipe the skin with juicealoe, cucumber or carrots, do not use tonal means and do not powder the skin, avoid wearing clothes with woolen collars. Very good for acne on the neck helps wash soap with soap and a variety of home masks, scrubs. You can try to drink beer shakes, in the form of powder or in tablets.

If there is no comprehensivetreatment use in the fight against acne folk remedies. A pimple popped out-cover it with iodine. But be prepared, than it will take him more time to disappear than pimples on his face.

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