How at home to make large curls without making any special efforts?


how to make large curls at home
The curls were always in vogue. Owners of natural curls do not have to think about the volume of hair and the upcoming laying. But women with straight even strands are heavier. Instead of just treating the locks with mousse, they have to start winding them. Of course, this applies only to women who have long or medium hair. In addition, curls - even at medium hair, even long - there are different elasticities. And if you do not have to spend a lot of effort to create light, careless waves, you have to tinker to flaunt with steep curls. So, how at home do big curls and small curls?

Feature curls

It should be remembered that with any windinghair is raised at the root zone, so it gets a little shorter. For example, if curls on medium hair are made very small and elastic (on curlers boomerangs), then the total mass of hair will rise about two times. To avoid such an effect, you need to know how to make large locks at home and not be trapped. To do this, you should wind the hair on "boomerangs" of different sizes: thus you will achieve asymmetry, and keep the length of the hair. In addition, use this type of curler is very easy and convenient. "Boomerang" twists well at the ends, holding the strand inside. But they need to be removed only after the previously treated with mousse or gel hair will dry. Otherwise your curls will not last an hour.

how to make large curls curling

What are the curls?

With the help of bobbin wheels you can make small playfulcurls. The problem is not to overdo it with fixing means (mousse, gel). In this case, your curls will look very unnatural. However, if you achieve a puppet effect - then busting with mousse will be just right.

But how at home do largecurls, so that curls would be large and fluffy? It is very simple: use the electric hair curlers for quick winding (or ordinary, only large size). But remember that before you make large curls in your home, strands need to be sprinkled with varnish. This is because large curls break up very quickly. That is, to begin with, apply gel or mousse to still damp hair, then wind curlers. And do not forget, after unwinding and giving the hair the desired shape and volume, once again sprinkle your hair with varnish. Without this procedure, in the evening your curls will turn into

how to make large locks at home
barely wavy strands, and from beautiful curlswill remain only a memory. In order not to suffer from biguies, you can buy tongs. The technology is the same: before making large curls of curling hair, the hair needs to be treated with a fixative. The main thing is not to overstrain the locks, otherwise you can stay without hair.

If you know how at homemake large curls (or small curls), but you absolutely do not have enough time for this, the only way out will be chemical perm. Fortunately, now, with new technologies, you can not only not spoil the hair structure, but, on the contrary, saturate them with vitamins and other useful additives!

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