Men's tattoo on the sternum: a variety of styles and variations of images


To date, male tattoo on the sternumare extremely popular. More and more young people decide to decorate their bodies with some original drawing, inscription or picture. In general, male tattoos on the sternum have a very long history, and it begins a long time ago, even under the primitive system. At that time, representatives of the strong half of humanity decorated their body not just with pictures, but with signs that were endowed with a special, magical meaning. Now, of course, it's not quite like that. But nevertheless the tattoo-tradition has remained.

men's tattoo on the sternum

About diversity

Many guys make tattoos on the chest. After all, this place is very wide, which gives vent to fantasy and imagination. Moreover, you can apply almost any image using the relief of pectoral muscles! Due to this, it will also turn out to be large.

Men's tattoo on the sternum can be any. Often, guys fill their wings, which is a symbol of strength and breadth of the soul, or ships that are a reflection of his confidence. Often you can see on the chest of a guy full of eagle, widely spread his wings, a dragon, a lion, a tiger or a mysterious ancient ornament. Hieroglyphs with a secret meaning, an image of deadly scorpions and spiders - in fact, the variety of sketches is simply huge. Male tattoos on the sternum can be small, large and very large; portray a portrait or an inscription - in general, anything the customer wishes.

Reflection of the inner world

It must be remembered that a tattoo is a serious step. Especially in this place. Therefore, it must fully correspond to the inner world of the possessor. And in order to make the right choice in terms of the sketch, you need to think carefully about your desire and study the meaning of this or that image, which has already attracted.

You can also explore other tattoos on the sternum(male). The photo will allow you to clearly see how this or that tattoo looks and decide whether it is suitable in this case. After all, each man has different structure of the torso. And the voluminous, dimensional tattoo that looks profitable on the guy of a large and inflated physique, it will be absolutely ridiculous to look at a thin and slender young man, no matter how beautiful she is. So the selection of both sizes and drawings must be approached responsibly.

 male tattoo on the sternum

Style "Polynesia" and "Trash Polka"

In tattoo art there is a mass of styles. They differ in their originality and originality. Male tattoos on the chest look great if the master performs them in the style of "Polynesia" or "Trash Polka." They are completely different. The first is a complex ornament, a plexus of various geometric figures, which in combination form something mysterious, warlike. Often in the Polynesian plot weave animals. Usually, these tattoos are done on the shoulder with a call to the chest. It looks very impressive and manly.

And thrash polka is an absolute provocation,executed in red-black colors. Often in this style, tattoos are made on the sternum (male). Inscriptions visually "torn", red blots, careless strokes, sharp lines, skulls, crosses, portraits, various elements like clocks, knives, birds, roses ... in fact, this style does not have a definite direction. After all, as has already been said - this is absurd. And there are no rules.

tattoo on the sternum

About quality

Still there are many other different optionstattoos. But one needs to be learned - if it is decided to decorate your body with something similar, you need to weigh the decision carefully. And choose a good, professional master. Because only a true artist will be able to really impart an even greater image and originality to a person in the image. If you make a mistake with the master - you can only spoil yourself. And overlapping of the tattoo on the chest, in a prominent and wide place, costs a fortune.

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