How to increase nails at home? Rules for beginners


A modern girl is hard to imagine withoutneat and decent manicure. That's why most young ladies, not having strong and beautiful nails by nature, turn to building up. Everyone chooses for themselves whether it will be gel technology or acrylic.

how to increase nails at home

The question of how to increase the nails in the homeevery third lady is asked. But before you start the procedure, you need to read all the rules and learn all the features. Ideally, you need to visit the master at least once, who will conduct the process on all canons. Or enroll in courses where they teach nyl-mastery.

There are several technologies thatallow you to make the perfect manicure: acrylic and gel. For nails at home, it is more appropriate to use the latter option. But it is worth remembering that it is necessary to purchase really high-quality material in professional stores. Starter kit, which is enough for the house completely, includes:

  • gel (can be both single-phase and three-phase);
  • UV lamp (where the material will solidify);
  • a set of saws (for a natural nail, for an artificial material);
  • degreaser (suitable and liquid for removing varnish, but without acetone);
  • polishing for nails;
  • forms or tips.

Before you build up your nails at home, it's worth exploring the process. You can read the special literature, watch the training video, chat with experienced masters.

gel for nails at home

Step by step procedure looks like this:

  1. With natural nails, shine and grease are removed.
  2. Hands and tools are sterilized (ants alcohol will do).
  3. Under each finger the form or tipsa (depending on what is used is selected).
  4. If this is a tipa, then it is cut to the desired length.
  5. The starting layer of the gel is applied (in a single-phase system this is one jar, which is performed by all stages; in the three-phase system, the starting layer is called the "base").
  6. Drying in a lamp (on average this is 30-60 seconds).
  7. The second layer (base layer) gives the future nail the shape and size.
  8. Drying in a lamp (60 to 180 seconds).
  9. Opil finished nail, shaping it, removing dust and degreasing.
  10. The third layer (finish) fixes the ready-made nail.
  11. Drying in a lamp (30 to 120 seconds).
  12. Removing the adhesive layer and polishing (if necessary).

Of course, this is a very conventional list of steps. A prerequisite, before you build up your nails at home, is to carefully review the video, where all the steps are described in detail and clearly.

If the choice fell on acrylic technology, it is desirable to fully explore the special books, because there are nuances. In addition, it is more difficult to work with this material than with gel.

what you need to build acrylic nails at home

To study, that is necessary for escalating of nails acryleat home, you can in professional stores. So, an important difference between the two technologies is that the gel freezes solely under the lamp, but acrylic (powder in combination with the monomer) - in the air. In addition, the last substance is a powder. In the building material for the creation of nails, it turns, only after reacting with a monomer (special liquid).

Many masters conduct training courses,telling about how to grow nails. At home, the application of knowledge obtained in these classes will help to avoid injuries, infections and will give the desired result.

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