What does acne on the face mean? How to deal with them?


Acne on the face is always an unpleasant phenomenon, and foreach one strives to apply any known method. Sometimes these methods injure the skin and on it there are scars and stains, which greatly spoil the appearance. Before doing self-medication, you need to find out why there were pimples on your face.

what does pimple on the face mean?

The main reason for their occurrence is a violationmetabolic processes inside the body, improper skin care or even its absence. And the result is acne, and they can be not only on the face, but also on the back, and on the chest. If you notice that the rash is of a regular nature, then it's worth thinking about your health and going through the examination.

What does acne on the face mean?

Appearance on the skin of rashes in the form of inflamedBugorkov signals a violation of the internal organs. Acne on the forehead and temples closer to the hairline indicate problems with the gallbladder. To improve the situation, you need to revise the diet. Drink more water to exclude stagnation of bile. If acne regularly appears above the eyebrows, it means that your intestines are overloaded and need cleaning. For breakfast, eat oatmeal or muesli. Instead of dinner, use sour-milk products.

there were pimples on the face

What does acne on the face in the nose andnose? Rashes in this area indicate a malfunction in the liver. Perhaps your menu is oversaturated with foods high in protein. This does not mean that you need to completely exclude meat, eggs, dairy products. Alternate meat dishes with vegetable salads, seasoned with butter, and arrange unloading days.

What does acne on the face mean in the cheek area? The body's problems associated with respiratory organs can provoke inflammation in this area. In such cases, you must exclude the use of hot drinks, quit smoking, remove salt food from the diet. Walking in the fresh air, a mobile lifestyle and a balanced diet will help normalize metabolic processes.

What does acne on the face mean in the area of ​​the lips? Frequent hypothermia leads to diseases of the pelvic organs and kidneys. Chronic diseases of these organs, in turn, lead to the formation of acne. It is necessary to undergo examination, so that specialists will prescribe a course of treatment. The appearance of acne on the back and chest speaks of violations of the endocrine system, which also requires consultation with a professional.

pimples in the summer on the face

Do not forget about cosmetics forfight against acne. Plan skin care according to its type and season. Acne in the summer on the face appear much more often than in the winter. This is due to increased activity of the sebaceous glands (in a colder period, the skin, on the contrary, is scaly). When choosing cosmetics, consider these factors. Proper care and knowledge of the causes of rashes will help to cope with pimples. Even smooth skin will please you also if you eat a balanced and healthy food, walk more often outdoors and lead an active lifestyle. If you have eliminated all possible causes, and acne still appears, you should contact a dermatologist.

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