Hairstyles for girls for long and short hair


Every mom wants her daughterlooked beautiful and impeccable in school, in the garden, on a walk and during a trip to the store. You need to consider everything: shoes, style of clothes, and, of course, the hair. Hairstyles for girls should be beautiful and at the same time fast in performance.

The modern rhythm of life does not allow you to stand for hoursat a mirror, creating on a head a miracle-hairdress. Exceptions are holiday hairstyles for girls. Here is just no rush to anything, you can try and do something original and beautiful. If the mother can not cope with this, you can contact an experienced hairdresser. He surely will be able to make your daughter a real beauty.

And in this article, we'll talk about hairstyles forgirls that you can do every day. They do not take much time and look nice. The basic rule of a hairstyle is that it must be to the face, neatly look and be comfortable for its owner. After all, the stuck out strands and long bangs, which need to be corrected all the time, are pretty hampered in the performance of everyday affairs.

As for hairstyles from long hair, then hereThe most popular option remains weaving braid. In fact, it's quite easy for both mother and daughter. But these hairstyles for girls are neat and comfortable.

Hairstyle "Dragon" - this is one of the most popular hairstyles. Hair is divided into three strands, the middle strand is also divided into three parts. We need to start the weaving with it. The usual braid is winking, but small parts of hair from each lateral strand are gradually added to it. The more you capture, the larger the pattern of the braid.

Hairstyle "Clover Leaf" - to perform this hairstyle you needto build a ponytail (gather hair and fasten with an elastic band on top of the head). The resulting tail is divided into three parts, each part is braided like a regular braid, the bottom is fixed with thin elastic bands. After that, we wrap each braid around the base and fix it with a hairpin or a beautiful rubber band.

Hairstyle from the tail - make a tail and fix it with a thin rubber band. We twist the hair into a tourniquet and wrap it around the base of the tail, fix it with a beautiful crab-pin.

Hairstyles for girls on short hairare becoming more popular. After all, long hair needs careful care, they are confused and long-stacked. Therefore, hairstyles for girls with short hair become the norm. A well-chosen short hairstyle is capable of giving charm to its owner. In any case, it is necessary to take into account the type of person, the figure and the age of the girl. What suits a small fashionista, can be completely unacceptable for growing up daughter. Choosing a hairdress on short hair, watch fashion - it should be not only convenient, but also it is modern.

To very little girls, strands of short hair onThe top of the head can be fastened with beautiful small colored hairpins, and the hair from below should be left loose. So the hair will not go into your face, and such an unpretentious hairstyle will decorate your little princess.

A pretty popular hairdo for girls onshort hair becomes a haircut made under the square. But you need to choose the right version of the square, suitable for the type of face. In addition, for a change in this haircut, you can braid many small braids - this is now quite fashionable.

For older girls, the "emo fights" haircut is suitable. This type of haircut involves short hair at the back of the neck and long at the front. This hairstyle requires regular trips to the hairdresser, as the hair, growing, smooth out the outlines of the hairstyle.

Hairstyles for girls - a great optionto emphasize elegance and individuality. Do not be afraid to experiment and try new hairstyles - your daughter will appreciate it! So you teach the girl to be neat and watch her appearance.

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