Fashionable wedding hairstyles with bangs


A wedding is a time of excitement, emotion and love. This day is very symbolic for girls, and they want to meet it in all its glory. Brides make up,
manicure and, of course, beautiful styling. Wedding hairstyles with bangs are considered fashionable.

wedding hairstyles with bangs

The thicker the hair, the more original it can bebe an approach to creating a beautiful image. With long silky curls you can change in a few minutes. If the strands are fragile, lifeless, then to the wedding ceremony they need to be nourished with healing masks and undergo a course of restorative procedures. Short hair can be increased.

wedding hairstyles with bangs and veils

Variants of wedding hairstyles with bangs:

  • Curly curls. They look elegant. They can be given the effect of wet strands. At the same time, it will be appropriate to straighten the bangs to the eyebrows, both smooth and asymmetric. You can put it in a wave. In the hair weave artificial or living flowers (orchids or lilies), they also decorate accessories and dress. A romantic and fragile image is obtained. Especially good this decoration looks on wedding dresses in the Greek style.
  • Small curls. Ideal wedding hairstyles with a bang for an oval or round face are loose hair with little curls. If necessary, they distract attention from the big nose. A bang can be made of any length and shape. With a rectangular shape of the face, a hairstyle with three-dimensional sides will fit, which visually expands it. A triangular face aligns the oblique bangs. It will also hide the low or high forehead.
  • Spit and weave. Classic wedding hairstyles with bangs - braids, spikes and weave hair. The shell is always popular. The sophistication is given to accessories and ornaments. Hairpins with pearls or natural stones are widely used. The shell can be combined with flowing hair. Such a hairstyle is usually complemented by a diadem. If the curls are curly from nature, you can decorate them with silver and golden butterflies, self-adhesive stones. The bangs are combed on one side and fixed with flowers.

Wedding hairstyles with bangs
Wedding hairstyles with a bang are not onlystandard. You can try a hedgehog or a ponytail. In addition, wreaths of white or pink flowers, ribbons, rhinestones are used. The bangs need to be made long and even at the same time.

Wedding hairstyles with bangs: tips:

  • Thinning for the expressive look.
  • Fixation with special means for stamping;
  • Decoration with rhinestones, artificial flowers, miniature pearls, crystals.

Wedding hairstyles with bangs and veils complementdiadem. Do not advise wearing hats and veils, as they visually overload the forehead and make it bulky. The face should be open, you can comb your hair back. Professionals use means of strong fixation, so that the strands remain flexible, and they can be easily corrected.

Each wedding hairstyle is decorated with a bang. It can have an asymmetric shape, be toned with different shades. On the day of the wedding, it is better not to cut it -
long strands look luxurious and stylish!

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