Wings on hand: a tattoo that will suit everyone


Modern man is difficult to surprise with tattoos. It is an affordable way of self-expression and adornment of one's own body. Someone applies images to their skin exclusively for aesthetic purposes, while the other sees a sacred meaning in them. But, despite such a different attitude towards tattoos in society, one of the most popular questions to the owners of tattoos: "What does this picture or inscription mean? Why did you choose him? ". How many people, so many answers. Let's try to find out why many people fill their wings with their hands. Tattoos with this motif can be interpreted in different ways, we will analyze in detail the main values.

Such different wings

Wings on the arm tattoo

In modern tattoos you can seerealistic wings of butterflies and birds, related images of fantastic creatures. The desire to "have the ability to fly" may indicate a large carrier ambitions or, on the contrary, its dreaminess. Popular images of the wings of angels and even dragons. Interpret such tattoos should be, assessing their overall style, specific shape and mood. For example, angel wings on hand - a tattoo that can symbolize protection, God's help and the strengthening of spiritual forces. The image itself may be small or occupy a significant area of ​​the skin. Wings that are "superimposed" on the arms from above the shoulders to the elbow or below look interesting. Such tattoos are made by people who want to approach the moral appearance of angels. The literal meaning of the image is strength, honor, love, wisdom and purity.

Fallen angels

Tattoo wing on hand

Tattoo wings on hands (photo, in the article) need not be white. Black contour drawings are considered to be classic, popular enough and multicolored. But be careful when choosing dark shades and sharp enough shapes. Black wings are perceived by many as a symbol of a fallen angel. Very often this image for the application on the skin is chosen by representatives of gloomy and aggressive youth subcultures. Often they have wings on hand - a tattoo that looks ominous, carrying a special sacral meaning. Plumage can be bloodied or pierced with spines. Popular drawing - torn off or cut off wings. The choice of such a tattoo should be approached with special responsibility. Do not forget that such natal decorations will remain with you for life, and removing them will not be easy.

Who will use a tattoo wing on his hand?

Tattoo wings on hands Photo

Despite its prevalence, sketches fortattoos, which are devoted to this article, in the classic performance look elegant and versatile. They look equally good at women's and men's hands. This is the drawing for which you will not be ashamed in old age, it is appropriate to wear it to any person on the open part of the body. If desired, the wings can be supplemented with some other image: halo, heart or cross. Effectively look tattoos, depicting winged characters entirely - from angels to fabulous Pegasus and fairies. Summarizing, we can say that the wings on hand - the tattoo is universal and carries a positive meaning. Therefore, if you dream of such a tattoo, do not deny yourself what you want.

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