Choose a tattoo: ornament, inscription or symbols


Today, no one is surprised by the tattoo onbody, because this way of self-expression has long since emerged from informal circles and has become an integral part of the everyday image of both a free artist and a manager. From this article you will learn how to choose your own drawing.

Types of tattoos

Among the most popular types of tattoo are the following:

  • Symbols. As a rule, such drawings express religious or other world outlook of a person. Therefore, the choice of such a tattoo must be very responsible.
  • Ornaments, which are the most ancient. They were applied in due time by the priests on the Pacific islands. In our time in salons most often perform such tattoos. Ornament, whose sketches can be very diverse, is performed in Celtic, Oriental or arbitrary style.
  • Inscriptions. This type of tattoo can be used as a way to capture a memorable event, date or name of a loved one. But remember that getting rid of the picture will not be so easy.

tattoo ornament

How to choose a tattoo?

Ornament, totemic image, symbols or inscriptions - such a variety of native drawings makes you think. But how to make the right choice, which you will not regret in the future?

First, consider the features of your imagelife before doing tattoos. Ornament can look harmonious with almost any style of clothing. While the symbols or inscriptions will bind to a certain dress code.

tattoo ornament sketches

Second, rely on your own feelings. After all, you should be pleased not only to demonstrate the tattoo to others, but also to feel a sense of satisfaction with the chosen pattern.

Finally, the choice of a temporary tattoo will help. Ornament is applied with a special solution, which is washed off after 2-3 weeks. During this time, you can understand whether you need a permanent tattoo.

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