High wedding hairstyle - options for popular styling


To charm your fiancé in the most importantday of life, you just need to choose the right dress, make-up and hairstyle. The outfit is chosen in advance, but the hair and makeup on the day of the celebration. It is important to choose a suitable form of styling, which will emphasize the lines of the face and will look elegant with a veil. The most popular form is a high wedding hairstyle. Its peculiarity is that at the expense of its volumes it creates an image of the bride more refined and elegant. Also, hairstyles with a high shape look favorably with a veil - it does not completely cover the hair and allows the created image to look holistically and harmoniously. But what high hairstyles do brides do today?

Popular high wedding hairstyles for long hair

At the peak of its popularity, everything still remainshigh wedding hairstyle "Greek". Due to the exquisite forms, these patterns resemble those of the ancient goddesses described in mythology. Stacking can be very diverse, but curly curls collected from behind and on the vertex are the most refined option. In this case, all the hair along the perimeter is curled into elastic curls, and then pulled by ribbons and garters on the head. All the hair is collected on the back of the head and on the crown, straightening curls in a chaotic order. Such hairstyles are often supplemented with a spatula and abundantly sprayed with varnish for greater fixation and preservation of volume.

high wedding hairstyle

Wedding hairstyle "high beam"

Gathered in some intricate hairoccupy a leading place among the laying for brides. No less popular is the classic high wedding hairstyle in the form of a beam. Styling of this form is different from the usual daily hairstyle just the size, decorations and shape. A bunch in a wedding hairstyle is a real work of art. It can combine in itself and naches, and hairdresser roller, and oblique. Very often, on a beam using a hairdresser cushion, there is a pigtail that wraps the base of the beam. It is in this place that braids, ribbons, hairpins with flowers or pearls are attached along the perimeter. Such high wedding hairstyles with a veil are perfectly matched, as the fabric is attached under the base of the beam.

high wedding hairstyles for long hair

Beam + curls

Beams are not just a practical choicefor the bride, but also a very elegant option, and feminine, because the bundles are perfectly combined with curls. A high wedding hairstyle in this case is organized in a certain way.

  1. First, elastic curls are made (tight curlers are used).
  2. Then a horizontal parting is performed, and the strands are divided into two parts (the upper part is left small).
  3. The lower part of the hair is collected in the tail on the vertex, and the strands are laid neatly into the bundle (the locks are fixed with hair lacquer).
  4. All upper locks are filled over the beam and attached by invisible objects at its base.

Such high wedding hairstyles with a veil look perfect on brides of small height. This compensates for the missing centimeters and creates a more elegant image.

wedding hairstyle high beam

Inky, volumetric and elegant

It is impossible to imagine a wedding hairstyle without largecurls and incredible volume, if the hair you decide to leave loose or slightly tucked into a Greek bandage. Styles with a fleece look very feminine and stylish in shape. The only nuance faced by the bride, choosing fleece, is the lack of a place where you can attach a veil. Or a suitable place is quickly pulled out, and the volume does not hold. It is not difficult to avoid this, it is enough to choose the right form. So, for example, a hair band with a Greek bandage is made from the very top of the middle length of the hair. All the lateral strands are twisted into a tape and refilled with the help of invisible and pins.

high wedding hairstyles with veil

There are many other interesting options. Everything depends on the desires of the bride and the skills of the master. When choosing high types of hairstyles, remember that they must be supplemented with suitable accessories. Otherwise, this laying will look monotonous on wedding photos.

Also need to know that the wedding hairstyle, thehigher form, requires a professional hand. So, long before the start of the celebration, it is better to make a trial version and to understand whether this is suitable for a conceived image, whether the laying keeps for a long time, whether it is comfortable for its owner to move with it.

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